This should become a reporting standard

 court reporting

I didn’t take a photo of the screen but you can see on my table the two TV screens, one against another one

There were two witnesses in today’s steno job.  The parties had requested a split monitor with HDMI cable capabilities and also a large screen with a projector.  It was the first time I had a job with a tech request like that.  It turned out to be the best request ever!  Now I wish every job is like this.  Basically any time that they had a document that they were referring to, the assistant pulled up the document right on to the projector screen so that everybody in the room could see it.  The parties also had their own copies in hard copy form or electronic copy on their laptops so the Continue reading


Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

 bird nest with babies

Distracted by this little family

Earlier this year, we had a robin bird select our house entrance for her nest.  I couldn’t help but be distracted during the first couple of days after the babies were born because I would constantly peek around the corner to wait for her to come back and watch her feed her babies.   I was extremely starstruck with the robin babies themselves too.  How can you not be distracted when there are some beautiful aerial birds like these right outside your Continue reading