Viennese Food at Old Country Inn Restaurant

Old Country Inn food

Old Country Inn located at 198 Main St in Markham

Last Wednesday, Tracy and I went to Old Country Inn Restaurant for dinner.  Old Country Inn is a Viennese restaurant housed in a 140-year-old house located on Main Street Unionville.  This restaurant showed up as one of many restaurants on Main Street Unionville and I had always been curious about it since their ratings were quite solid.

We arrived at 7 p.m. and chose to sit inside.  Although their patio was really nice and the weather was Continue reading


WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. Board Game Cafe

WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. storefront

WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. located at 220 Royal Crest Court, Unit 3 in Markham

After the Sweetery Toronto Food Festival, I went uptown to join the friends who were playing board games at WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. as part of our Mon Sheong Trip to China fourth year reunion.  I had heard of WoodForSheep before and was so pleased that their sitting fee for board games was so cheap.  It was just $5 for all-you-can-play with no time limit!

WoodForSheep is located in Markham at 220 Royal Crest Court, Unit 3 (Birchmount Road and 14th Avenue).  It wasn’t Continue reading