Saturday, August 5, 2017 morning dream

I don’t usually make my dream posts public but I wanted to share this one because it’s significant (and now you guys know I publish private dream posts too XD).

I dreamt that I was with Ken in Shoppers Drug Mart and we were standing just outside of the cashier area when I suddenly saw my friend Angel and her husband. That was the first time they’d met Ken. After we started talking, Angel suddenly turned into Marilyn who started talking about this network marketing company she had joined and trying to sell it to us without even any small talk. I was incredulous that she had joined the network marketing company considering all the negative experiences I had from the one I had joined a couple of years ago. She was drawing things out on a sheet of paper and examining to us.

To my shock and surprise, Ken pulled out a cheque and started signing his name on it and passed it to Marilyn and I was like, “What are you doing?!” And he said that he wanted to try their products (vitamins) and I was instantly furious and upset telling him that if he wanted to try them, I still have leftover ones from the network marketing company that he could use if he really wanted to try.

Then Marilyn turned into Alice C and I asked her, “How much was registration?/Are there hidden fees?” because we’d been in the other network marketing company together, I said, “You know we had to pay unfront for the sign-in process too; why would you sign up for another one again?/Didn’t you learn your lessons from the first one?!”

Alice didn’t know the answers to my questions so she went to find Marilyn to explain. When Marilyn came back, I yelled at her. I was so furious.  I even threw in the f-word a fews times. I was so clear and articulate in my dream saying things  like “You know that network marketing is so damaging. I’m still recovering over the whole ordeal. I’m not 100% over it yet. It cost me friendships and ruined my reputation. I can’t believe you are part of one.” Etc, etc. Marilyn started crying. And I said, “You’re crying because you know it’s true. Network marketing is complete BS and will ruin your life…”

Then (we were still in Shoppers Drug Mart), I confronted Marilyn again and this time with Alice and Yvonne and their boss behind them too. I don’t remember what I said here but after that, Ken and I left and he drove me home. When I got my stuff to go back home, Ken was still thinking about the idea of joining and I flipped out on hin again. Lol. End of dream.


It was such an intense and clear dream that felt so real. I was incredibly upset and angry in the dream too.


This dream sharing acts as another warning to those in network marketing companies or those who encounter them in the future. Be careful! It could take over your life (in the worst way) :(.

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