Healthy Drinks and Herbal Jelly from Hung Fook Tong

Hung Fook Tong healthy drinks

Hung Fook Tong located at many various locations all around Hong Kong

September 27, 2017:

After almost three weeks of enjoying their healthy drinks, here is a brief blog post about it.  Hung Fook Tong is a company that specializes in selling healthy drinks and herbal jelly.  Apparently, they are the biggest retailer and distributor in Hong Kong of such items.  They are located in stores such as shopping malls as well as many MTR stations which makes it so easy to pick up a drink when commuting and shuttling from MTR station to MTR station.

Last time we were in Hong Kong, we bought a package from another similar company that sold healthy drinks.  This time, we bought a ten-bottle package from Hung Fook Tong that also included a free drink as well as a $100 HKD cash deposit into the drink card when you signed up as a member.  It was free to sign up as a member so we did so.  We got the drinks for a lot cheaper this way and we could redeem a drink any time we wanted to with the card (the card would expire by the end of the year but we already knew that we would have redeemed all the drinks by the time we left Hong Kong).

I had an assortment of different healthy drinks.  I like how they are labelled clearly with what they help with (although I wish they were like the other company and had more thorough English descriptions).  Anyway, it was always a good opportunity to rehydrate during the day with these drinks.  There wasn’t a lot of sugar in them and they were also free of preservatives and other fillers.

We tried a number of different drinks throughout our eleven bottles of redemption but at the end, I liked the apple digestion one the best.

Hung Fook Tong healthy drinks

The apple one with hawthorne on the left is my favourite

Hung Fook Tong healthy drinks

This lemon one was pretty good too

Hung Fook Tong healthy drinks

I didn’t take a photo of all the 11 bottles that we got

Hung Fook Tong healthy drinks

I couldn’t find the same apple and hawthorne one in stores later on :/

At the end of our visit, since we had the $100 HKD cash left in our card, we redeemed for two herbal jellies.  I first redeemed a hot one.  This one was really good.  I love how it was so hot that even the jelly was a little bit melted and thus tasted so soft and silky.  I also liked how it had a bit of a “金” taste to it.  It was really nourishing!

Hung Fook Tong gui ling gao

A glimpse of their herbal jelly selections

Hung Fook Tong gui ling gao

Gui ling gao. $55 HKD

Hung Fook Tong gui ling gao

Hot versions are kept in a steamer

Hung Fook Tong gui ling gao


My mom got the cold version later that day.  She seemed to like it as well.

I’m really glad we got another packaged drink kit this time.

Hung Fook Tong juices fridge

Some of the juices available

Hung Fook Tong in Shatin

This is the branch at Shatin above the train station

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  1. smkelly8 says:

    If I were in Hong Kong, I’d give these a try.

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