One of my Favourite Food Places — One Hour Cafeteria

One Hour Cafeteria desserts

One Hour Cafeteria located at 435 Spadina Ave, Toronto

October 13, 2017:  I’m so glad that I got to return back to this Taiwanese cafe after so many years!  The first time I stepped into One Hour Cafeteria was back in university with some friends.  I loved this spot because it was so cozy; there were giant bean bag chairs and low tables.  It was literally like a place for you to lounge, use wifi, and eat and drink.  I remembered they also had amazing fried chicken wings (they provided you with plastic gloves) and rich mango slushes too.  Since those first two visits, I didn’t visit again until last night.

After our dinner at Mr. Roc’s Crawfish, we entered One Hour with just 40 minutes left of their closing time.  (Why do they close so early?  For such a hip and popular cafe, I expected their closing time to be later than 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night.)

One Hour Cafeteria menu and prices


I ordered the Gutian Fungus Soup while Ken got the White Gourd Tea.

We sat in the front area of the cafe among other late-night folks hanging out on their comfy bean bag chairs. 😀

One Hour Cafeteria interior

I love the comfortableness of their space

One Hour Cafeteria kitchen


The Gutian Fungus Soup was a “traditional jelly-like treat served cold with red dates and coix seeds.”  This turned out to be so good.  It was so refreshing and sweet in a simple way.  It was very nourishing too because the fungus is good for you.

Gutian Fungus Soup

Gutian Fungus Soup. $6.99
-traditional jelly-like treat served cold with red dates and coix seeds

The White Gourd Tea came in a large portion!  It came with tapioca too at the bottom of the glass jar.  The White Gourd Tea was actually really flavourful and rich.  I don’t care for tapioca and I thought the tapioca balls were just mediocre.

White Gourd Tea

White Gourd Tea. $5.49

I saw the table next to us receive their water in the cutest rounded-bottom glasses!  So we asked for one too.  We had fun jiggling the water glass around. 😀

water glass

Cute rounded-bottom water glass

Can’t wait to return to try their chicken wings another time!

One Hour Cafeteria storefront

Their entrance is very non-descript; very easy to miss if you don’t know where it is

(By the way, checked their website and am shocked that they are closed on the weekends completely!)

One Hour Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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4 Responses to One of my Favourite Food Places — One Hour Cafeteria

  1. gchan7127 says:

    WOW! They’re closed on weekends??? I’m surprised! I would assume they would get more traffic during the weekend!

    P.S. How did you make the water jiggle without using your hands in your video? O_O

    • stenoodie says:

      Me too. But then I was thinking about it and I think it’s because they cater to mostly students for the week days.

      Lol Grace… haven’t you played with those balancing toys before? You jiggle it and then you remove your hands. It keeps jiggling after you push it.

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