Hotel Review: Fengting International Hotel in Changsha

Fengting International Hotel storefront

Fengting International Hotel located in Changsha, China

We stayed here for one night on September 14, 2017.

This hotel was located in the ancient city streets of Fenghuang County.  You can see in the photos how ancient-looking it really was.

As such, the hotel lobby was dim and looked old.

Fengting International Hotel lobby

Hotel lobby

Fengting International Hotel business cards

Business cards

Fengting International Hotel courtyard entrance

Glass doorway into the courtyard

Fengting International Hotel courtyard


Fengting International Hotel directory

Floors of the hotel

Fengting International Hotel key card

Hotel key cards

Hotel door

Room doorway

Fengting International Hotel room

Double beds

We were on the third floor in room 3335.  It opened electronically with the room key.  The room was a very good size, had two double beds, flat screen TV, two armchairs and a desk, hot water kettle, glass water jug.  The stand-in shower had shower gel and shampoo from containers attached to the wall.  There was no soap.  There was only one roll of toilet paper which we ran out of but luckily still had an extra roll from the previous hotel to use.

Fengting International Hotel beds

The beds were clean

Fengting International Hotel nightstand

Night stand with light switches for each part of the room

Fengting International Hotel room amenities

TV and light

Fengting International Hotel room window

View from the window looking into the courtyard

Fengting International Hotel shower

Shower which was grimy

Fengting International Hotel washroom

This picture doesn’t make it look as bad but when I was there, it really wasn’t very good

The entire room felt very old and grimy.  I didn’t trust the water kettle to drink hot water from.

Fengting International Hotel water kettle

Water kettle and jug

There was wifi here but a very weak connection especially during the prime time of just before people sleep and in the morning when people woke up.  I could barely even send an e-mail.

Fengting International Hotel hallway


Fengting International Hotel courtyard

Looking down into the courtyard

Fengting International Hotel surroundings

Street view across the hotel

After dinner that night, we checked out the little store on the ground floor of the hotel.  They had so many tourist-friendly items there for sale including toiletries, snacks, water, personal hygiene items and more.

Fengting International Hotel shop

The store on the ground floor of the hotel

Fengting International Hotel shop

A lot of useful items here: Toiletries, snacks, water, personal hygiene items

The next day at 6 a.m., we checked out and ate breakfast at the same restaurant that we had had dinner at the night of checking in.  There was also a noodle bar station here.  This time, the noodles were rice noodles.

Noodle station

Noodle station

The buffet selection was limited and very similar to the hotel we were in before.  There was fried rice, noodles, two types of congee, soup, corn, veggies, watermelon, mantos, cake, boiled eggs.  In fact, boiled eggs were the only protein there.  Everything was either carbs or veggies.

Breakfast buffet table

Breakfast buffet table

Breakfast buffet tables


It was decent.  I filled up on rice and congee mostly. 🙂

Hotel overflow dining room

Dining room

Breakfast food

Plates from my mom and I

Dining room

We sat at the other dining room last night for dinner

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