The Power Burger and New Menu Items at Aroma Espresso Bar

Aroma Espresso Bar new menu items 2018

Aroma Espresso Bar (Liberty Village) located at 120 Lynn Williams St, #101 in Toronto

July 23, 2018:  Aroma Espresso Bar has some new items for the summer!  In particular, they now serve a vegan burger, The Power Burger, made with a Beyond Meat patty!

Vegan food is coming into prominence in the foodie scene and society in general and I’m so glad that this espresso bar franchise is putting this lifestyle choice into the spotlight with this new burger.

The Beyond Meat vegan patty is paired with a premium vegan Brioche-style bun and complemented with sautéed portobello mushrooms, baby kale, red onion, mustard, housemade avocado spread, and sundried tomato pesto.

The Power Burger

The Power Burger
-Beyond Meat vegan patty, vegan Brioche-style bun, sautéed portobello mushrooms, baby kale, red onion, mustard, housemade avocado spread, sundried tomato pesto

The Beyond Meat patty is gluten-, soy-,  and GMO-free, and is grilled fresh to order.  The bun can also be substituted for gluten-free bread free of charge.

It’s served alongside a roasted carrot and arugula salad topped with sliced almonds, roasted red pepper, and a lemon olive oil dressing.

To ensure that the entire cooking process and handling procedure is all vegan as well, the grill surface is wiped clean every time before the vegan ingredients are cooked, all vegan ingredients are kept separate from any meat if they’re being cooked at the same time, and separate tools are used for handling vegan ingredients.

The Power Burger and salad

The Power Burger and accompanying salad

Aroma new menu fact sheet

Fact sheet about the new items

Ice Orange Mango Cream

Ice Orange Mango Cream
-fresh orange juice, mango purée, white chocolate, freshly whipped cream, topped with a fresh slice of orange and light sprinkle of orange sugar

At this time, Aroma Espresso Bar also promoted their new Ice Orange Mango Cream.  It’s a great drink for the summer when you want something refreshing and a pick-me-up during the afternoon.  It’s made with fresh orange juice, mango purée, white chocolate, freshly whipped cream, and topped with a fresh slice of orange and light sprinkle of orange sugar.

It was a pleasure to be able to try out these new menu items at the Liberty Village location of Aroma Espresso Bar.  This location is large with plenty of seating indoors as well as a spacious patio overlooking the street.

Aroma Expresso Bar Liberty Village interior

New item launch event

Aroma Expresso Bar Liberty Village interior

Aroma Expresso has so many great items on their menu

Aroma Expresso Bar Liberty Village patio

Patio views

Power Burger and Beyond Meat burger patty

Power Burger featuring the Beyond Meat burger patty

I was really impressed with the Power Burger and especially the Beyond Meat burger patty.  If you know anything about the Beyond Meat company, it’s that they really took a lot of time and effort to investigate how to make pea protein taste like, look like, and sound like an actual meat burger patty without involving any animal in the process.  For example, they use beets to achieve a red juicy colour akin to meat patties and there is actually 20 grams of plant protein in the patty.

The patty really felt substantial and the “chew” did resemble eating actual meat.  The combination of ingredients, especially the housemade avocado spread, really made the entire burger very tasty and juicy.

Power Burger and Beyond Meat burger patty

Can you believe that is not meat?

I liked how the accompanying salad was comprised of roasted carrots (instead of yams or something carb-y) so that it was a light complement to the burger.  It was a fresh salad and the lemon olive oil dressing was a refreshingly healthy addition too.

 Vegan salad

Vegan salad

The Ice Orange Mango Cream was so pretty with the puffy whipped cream on top and the orange sugar sprinkles and slice of orange.  It definitely did taste like an orange Creamiscle!

Ice Orange Mango Cream

It’s like a cup of sunshine

Wildberries & Cream and Pistachio Gelato Pops

Gelato Pops in Wildberries & Cream and Pistachio

To finish off the media preview, we were treated to try their new Gelato Pops!  They had two flavours:  Wildberries & Cream and Pistachio.

The Gelato Pops are all natural with no artificial colours or flavours.  That, in itself, is a huge victory for a healthy ice cold treat!

I tried the Wildberries & Cream Gelato Pops and really liked how pure the flavour was.  It was a creamy and smooth ice cream with the wildberries flavour very prevalent!

Wildberries & Cream Gelato Pop

Wildberries & Cream Gelato Pop

Thank you so much Aroma Espresso Bar for inviting me to preview the new menu items a day before they launched!  Visit your local Aroma Expresso Bar to check out the Power Burger, Ice Orange Mango Cream, and Gelato Pops!

Aroma Expresso Bar Liberty Village storefront

Aroma Expresso Bar Liberty Village

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Aroma Espresso Bar reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review and promote their new menu items, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the company.

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