The Beyond Meat Burger at A&W

Beyond Meat Burger at A&W

A&W located in Hillcrest Mall at 9350 Yonge St in Richmond Hill

December 21, 2018:  Ever since hearing about the Beyond Meat Burger being offered at A&W, I had wanted to try it.  (Technically, I had already tried this pure vegan pea-protein-beet patty before when I tried the Power Burger from Aroma Espresso Bar since they’re made with the one and same patty, but the toppings and assembly of the burger would be different.) 

Thus, when we were at Hillcrest Mall last week and I hadn’t eaten lunch yet, the best choice was to get the Beyond Meat Burger from A&W as a light and healthy meatless lunch.  Yay! 😀

A&W inside the Hillcrest Mall food court

A&W inside the Hillcrest Mall food court

I hadn’t ordered anything from any A&W in a while and their menu selection is actually quite good.  I wonder how their Beyond Meat Burger sales are doing actually since it’s been added to their menu for at least a couple of months now. 🤔

A&W menu

Menu. Don’t even bother zooming in XD

Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond Meat Burger. $6.99

I only ordered the Beyond Meat Burger to try (no fries for me).  (The Beyond Meat patty is made from plants, topped with lettuce, red onion, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, served on a freshly toasted sesame seed bun.)

The patty was quite good and the texture was so akin to actual beef.  The inventors did a great job to make it look and taste like real meat.  I felt good eating it.  The only thing was that the burger itself didn’t contain a lot of ketchup or sauce with it, so it was a tad dry.  I guess I have to add in those condiments myself.

Beyond Meat Burger


Either way, I really enjoyed this vegan (more veggies) choice while at the food court in a typical shopping mall.  It’s a good alternative if you want something filling but not greasy or meaty (and don’t want to order just a boring lettuce salad). ;P

 Infographic of processed cheese versus real cheese

Infographic of processed cheese versus real cheese

A&W, Hillcrest Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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2 Responses to The Beyond Meat Burger at A&W

  1. Hélène says:

    I didn’t even know this existed, so thanks for this! Now I have a reason to try A&W for the first time in over a decade.

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