How to survive a 15-hour “layover” in your home city airport

  • By this point with a cancelled flight, standby flight, and a confirmed flight, there’s no sense in making the trek back home and spending more time and money on transit fares.
  • Seek out the Roger’s Ignite promo “instant living room”. Plant yourself there and watch the most TV you’ve ever watched in the recent months. It helps that the staff person there says you can enter your info as many times as you want per 60-minute intervals to keep watching. It also helps that no one cares if you hog the whole system (there’s 4 of them in total).
  • Enjoy a 2-hour breakfast because you have so much time.
  • Have lots of patience and lots of hope.
  • Refill water bottles multiple times from the water fountains.
  • Check out the lineup for the AC Customer Service line. It’s barely moved and only increasing in number.
  • Redeem $15 food vouchers on a meal that costs said amount on average with extra cheese an extra arm $2.50 and green tea for a leg $3.49.
  • Check out all the stores and overpriced restaurant menus.
  • Witness how ugly people can become when it’s clear there aren’t enough seats on an already fully booked flight with lots of passengers waiting to get on from the previous cancelled flight. Screw you, rude persons who don’t know how to wait in lines.
  • Be grateful at least that the airport you’re trapped in has plenty of walking space and many variety of restaurants and fast food vendors to choose from. For all you know, you could have been stuck in a tiny outdated airport or the unrenovated part of it where there is only one single lonely muffin stand.
  • Finally understand why there are those big fancy vending machines that sell brand name cell phone accessories, headphones, and portable batteries.  It’s not just for the expense-claim-happy busineswoman who forgot her USB cable but for the suddenly stranded traveller who has an 8-hour layover in the airport with no choice left but to purchase something to make the most of their extra time.
  • Bring and seek out snacks.
  • Charge up your devices on the free power outlets (using your newly purchased charging cable XD)
  • Revisit the plane departures screen multiple times to see your flight getting delayed 3x despite there being no rain or snow or sleet outside.
  • Give up on waiting for the hour-long wait just to speak to someone on the phone about this.
  • Alert your hotel of your late arrival.
  • Most importantly, have your most favourite person beside you in the midst of this so the whole thing actually becomes only a slight inconvenience and another adventure in the books.

P.S. We’re finally arrived to our destination. #yay

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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