Bowling at World Bowl

There aren’t many businesses that are open on the Christmas Day holiday, so it took us a while before we decided to bring mom for an hour of bowling at the World Bowl bowling alley at Leslie and Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill. (Turns out they are open 365 days a year.)  I vaguely remember bowling here before and stepping into this bowling venue didn’t help my memory that much since all bowling alleys practically look the same (all the ones in Markham/Richmond Hill do anyway).

World Bowl hasn’t had to update or renovate much of its space since all people really care about is the bowling and not that the wall decors have been there since the 00s or that the computer score screens are two-toned only with block letters.

It was fun to bowl for an hour. The 2019 holiday schedule designated different price points for one lane if you began at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ($27.88) and then from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. ($33.88) and another higher price for the prime evening time until 2 a.m. ($36.88). Bowling shoe rentals are only $4 each.

It’s quite worth it to come with a group of 3 or more to split a lane to bowl. I’ve forgotten how fun bowling can be despite not being the best bowler and definitely one who has terrible bowling form. XD

There’s plenty of parking at this plaza and there’s fast food snacks and a bar to go with the bowling entertainment. There’s sofa seating and standing tables at each lane for much appropriate chill time in between bowling turns.

The oiliness from bowling and touching the bowling balls will always be a sign of some bowling fun.

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