Mango Like Dessert (located inside of Udon Kitanoya)

Mango Like Dessert macarons

Mango Like Dessert located at 513B Bloor St W (inside of Udon Kitanoya)

Inside of Udon Kitanoya (513B Bloor St W), there is a dessert shop too.  Thus, there’s actually two restaurants under one roof.  Mango Like Dessert serves mango-focused desserts and Asian desserts.

During the tasting event of the Japanese udon house, we were also given select desserts from Mango Like Dessert to try. (You can view their menu in pdf form here.)

We were served a platter of the cutest and most colourful macarons.  These macarons were different from the usual French-style ones in that the shell was made out of what tasted like shortbread cookies.  They tasted like comfort food in this sense.  I tried the strawberry, vanilla, and (I believe) mint flavoured macarons.

Mango Like Dessert macarons

Assorted macarons

Mango Like Dessert macarons

Strawberry macaron

Mango Like Dessert desserts

Display of desserts for photo purposes

I really like fruit mochis.  At Mango Like Dessert, they serve a variety of different fruit mochis like strawberry, mango ice cream, pandan, and more.  I tried the pandan flavoured mochi and loved how soft and chewy the mochi skin was.  It was really good!  The pandan part inside the mochi resembled the shortbread macarons we tried.

 Pandan flavoured mochi

Pandan flavoured mochi

There was also mango sago pudding presented at the event, but it was only for photo purposes so I didn’t get to taste it.

Other notable desserts from their shop includes:  Mango sticky rice, taro pockets, black and white sesame sweet dumplings, coconut bird’s nest, matcha avocado, mango grass jelly, slush, smoothies, and lemonades.

Thank you for letting us try your desserts at the udon tasting, Mango Like Dessert!

FTC Disclaimer:  Although I was invited to a complimentary tasting at Mango Like Dessert, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the event hosts or the business.


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