Facial Sheet Mask Review: Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

Cardboard box package of the Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

I’m back with a facial mask review!  I have a number of new boxes that I still haven’t opened yet, so here goes.  This Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask is another from the Dr. Morita line, a skincare brand hailing from Taiwan

All of their packages are in sleek little pouches which reduces the use of plastic in general (although each facial mask does contain an extra sheet of plastic which supposedly helps you to “unfold” the mask easier).  This one was a brightening facial mask which uses “Japanese fruits and vegetables ferment filtrates” (filtrates are liquids which have passed through a filter).  It promotes “having luminous and translucent natural skin” on their packaging.  There are eight facial masks (7+ 1 bonus) inside the cardboard box.

Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

Back of the box

Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

I’m holding up one pouch of the facial mask

To be honest, after applying the facial mask as directed, I actually forgot to check if it did serve its purpose of brightening up my skin.  I guess when I try the product again, I’ll have to do a closer look to see.

I liked the facial mask in general.  It was rich with essence (30 g) of it.  You put the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes but as always, I left it on for more than an hour.  It was still rich with essence after I took it off.  The remaining essence in the pouch was used for lathering the rest of my face and body too.

The recognizable ingredients in the list included niacinamide (which by now I’ve learned is an ingredient that brightens the skin), hydrogenated caster oil, hydrolyzed hyalouronic acid, day lily flower ferment filtrate, nelumbo seed ferment filtrate, honey ferment filtrate, pumpkin fruit ferment filtrate, punica granatum fruit ferment extract, and milk ferment filtrate.

Dr. Morita Active Enzyme Brightening Facial Mask

Same instructions on the pouch as on the box

Update:  I liked that the sheet mask fit my face very well and that the folds helped to make sure that the sheet could be pressed flush against my skin for maximum coverage.

After taking off the sheet mask and putting on some moisturizer to seal in the essence from the mask, I noticed that my face felt rich with the essence.  It didn’t feel sticky but it was a little dewy.  The next morning when I woke up, I still felt the essence having moisturized my skin the whole night long.  I still didn’t notice much brightening of the skin after using the mask a second time, but I like the moisturizing result enough that I would recommend this mask.

Overall, I’ve grown to enjoy the products from the Dr. Morita line.

Their other sheet masks that I’ve tried so far include:  Caviar Moisturizing, Snail Repair, and Hylauronic Acid Moisture Essence.


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