Facial Sheet Mask Review: AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask

AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask box of 5

AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask

The way this AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask packaging is designed is unique and looks like a “medical” grade product.  It’s a clean design with the name of the facial mask clearly displayed in block letters on the front.  The photo looks like an actual prescription that you get from the doctor’s with even the “PX” and a doctor’s “signature” for effect.  In this case, it’s from Derma Labs, the name of the company.  The ” prescription” also shows the product, its origin, its effect, and target ingredient.  It’s a facial sheet mask that focuses on the beauty result that you want to achieve as opposed to other sheet mask products that rely on beauty or appearing to be “cute” to sell itself.

AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask back of box

Back of box

There were five sheet masks inside the thin yellow cardboard box.  This sheet mask, AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask, is made with Belgian spa water, and its target effect is to “make dull skin tone look clear and radiant”.  The focus ingredient was glutathione.  A quick Google search told me that “glutathione (GSH) is an antioxidant in plants, animals, fungi, and some bacteria and archaea.  Glutathione is capable of preventing damage to important cellular components”.  In other words, it’s an anti-aging/repair ingredient.

The instructions on the back called for the sheet mask to be placed on the face for 10 to 20 minutes.  This is a Korean brand, so most of the characters were in Korean.  The back of the box packaging did have English instructions and the ingredients listed in English too.

In the ingredient list, the ones I recognized were:  niacinamide, hydrogenated caster oil, licorice root extract, and ginger root extract.

AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask pouch

One pouch

AHC Derma Aesthetic Bright Toning Mask pouch

Back of pouch

The sheet mask itself was thin, very soft, and heavily drenched with the translucent gel-like essence.  It smelled nice, almost like I was at a spa which made the Belgian spa water part come alive.  I liked how well the facial sheet mask fit on my face.  I barely had any extra sheet mask to pull in.

After placing the sheet mask on my face, there was also ample essence for me to squeeze out of the plastic packaging to smooth over more of my face and arms and body.  It felt really refreshing to have the cool sheet mask on my face.  The essence was not thin or watery but rich enough to smooth over like a gel.

After about an hour, I took off the sheet mask.  I always leave the sheet mask for more than the suggested time because there’s usually more than enough essence still to moisturize the face.  The removed sheet mask was definitely still damp with essence, and I liked how the essence left my skin feeling dewy and well-hydrated.

After a full night’s rest and waking up in the morning, I could still feel the after-effects of the essence on my skin.  The essence was really hydrating and rich in ingredients!  This is always a sign of a winner in my books. 😀

(I’ve noticed that these higher-end sheet masks that only contain five per box seem higher in quality.  Is this a common observation for others as well?)


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