Eating European Sausages at WVRST

WVRST (pronounced “verst”) at 609 King Street West, Toronto

Just before my friends and I had a sweaty bootcamp workout at Flirty Girl Fitness, we had a quick but delectable dinner at WVRST. We’ve heard good things about this place and I found that it met my expectations. I had the impression that it would be like a Banh Mi Boys kind of eatery where you just order your food at the counter and are called up to take your order.

Our order

When we walked in, we were a little confused as to how to order food. A runner nicely informed us to order at the side, get a seat, and then the food would be delivered to us at the table.

The dine-in area at Banh Mi Boys was very small and promotes people to eat quickly and then leave to allow new customers to sit while the dine-in area at WVRST is a lot more welcoming and allows people to sit and enjoy conversations and good food over some loud music. There was a bar area with lots of beers on tap to choose from too. Since we didn’t have too much time to dine and we were going to do some intense working out, we chose 2 hot dogs and a small size of Dirty Duck Fries to share. We placed our order at the side of the restaurant and sat at a table of our choice. The middle of the entire restaurant was cleared out for long benches of tables and bench chairs. Before long, a runner delivered our tray of goodies to our table. It looked extremely colourful and smelled so good.

Dirty Duck fries. $5.5 (Belgian-style fries with dipping sauces)
Peppers, Jalapenos & Sautéed Onions topped with a WVRST Special Sauce.

Close-up of the KRANJSKA sausage

Our favourite was the traditional KRANJSKA Pork/Garlic sausage paired with the Currywurst (sliced sausage served with country bread and tomato curry sauce). The Dirty Duck fries were a lot more healthy than I thought with a lot of red peppers, yellow peppers, jalapenos, and sautéed onions on top of the semi-spicy fries. It was a good choice to share.

KRANJSKA Pork/Garlic. $6
Sliced sausage served with country bread and tomato curry sauce.

Close-up of the Duck Bun

The other sausage that we had was a game meat (duck) and we chose it to be served on toasted fresh bun with sautéed onions and sweet peppers on the side (placed in 2 cute pots that reminded me of Korean side dishes). They kindly cut the sandwich in three for us so that we could share it. The tray also arrived with three cute wooden forks (they reminded me of the small disposable wooden spoons that you use to eat ice cream with). I liked how the duck meat was soft and well made. However, we all favoured the KRANJSKA sausage the most.

Duck (Maple/Foie Gras). $9
Served on a toasted fresh bun with sweet sautéed onions and sweet peppers

Both Joyce and Holly liked the vibe of the eatery, saying they’d even love to celebrate a future birthday here. I liked how the food portions were small enough to be shared and the menu had enough variety to warrant several visits. It’s a popular spot and many tables were filled up, including some tabletops that had a “reserved” sign for people that have probably called in ahead of time to reserve a spot. This is definitely a spot to check out some good meats and yummy food and beer! :)) Go!

Wvrst on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Eating European Sausages at WVRST

  1. hollyedejer says:

    I really think we need to go back to this place to appreciate it more properly! Too rushed and concerned about bootcamp afterwards 😦

    • stenoodie says:

      That’s so true. Haha, if we weren’t going to have the Bikini Bootcamp, I’m sure we would have ordered a lot more food too. Perhaps the Duck Fat fries since we didn’t get a chance to try their signature dipping sauce :O

      • Joyce says:

        Agreed! I wish we had had more time to enjoy the food and the beer! Bwahahaha. Fantastic post, great pictures! Maybe we should try the chorizo next time. Yummy!

      • stenoodie says:

        Haha yes! I really wanted to try the beer actually lol. But alas, we had no time and probably would have been seriously dehydrated for the Bootcamp class if I had more than a swig. 😉

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