Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant (Scarborough)

Located at 325 Bamburgh Circle in Scarborough

On a Monday weekday, six of us went out for a late lunch at Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant at Bamburgh Circle in Scarborough.  I can’t wait for the days when we get to retire and eat out with friends and work out (to maintain good health) and help more people to do the same.  We can retire before we reach age 30! 🙂

“Famous Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup”

Hello pho!

We ended up having lunch at 2 p.m. since some of us weren’t able to meet up early.  I had never been to this location of Pho 88 before and wanted to try their classic pho — the “Special Combination Noodle Soup”.  It included rare beef, well-done flank, tendon, and tripe in a beef soup broth with pho noodles.  Yum! 🙂 I have been to their other location on Yonge Street.  Apparently, this location has the best pho in town!  Personally, I think that Vietnam Noodle Star has the best, so I wanted to see what their pho was like here.

Special Combination Noodle Soup (large). $7.75
-rare beef, well-done flank, tendon, tripe

It came in a large size bowl and was steaming hot.  However, the rare beef slices weren’t as thin as I like them to be and already a little rough.  The tendon was very soft and tender and the pho noodles were not bad.  Overall, I still think the above-mentioned pho restaurant serves better pho which is more substantial and tasty.  Nevertheless, it was not bad.

The others had these!

Seafood pho!

Vermicelli with beef and spring rolls!

Beef and egg on rice!

Will I come back?  Maybe!

Pho 88 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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