Mirage Noodle Restaurant

Located at 4186 Finch Ave E in Toronto

After an incredibly satisfying and exciting game at BreakOut Team Adventures, we headed over to the plaza at Midland and Finch for some sustenance to replenish our brain power and energy.  The sushi shop we wanted to go to wasn’t open on a Sunday (!), so we opted to try out Mirage Noodle Restaurant instead.  

There are so many restaurants in this single plaza such as Vietnam Noodle Star that I wasn’t surprised that I haven’t been here before.  Mirage Noodle Restaurant specializes in beef noodle soup and other Taiwanese and Shanghainese dumplings and dishes.

The restaurant is very small and dingy so don’t expect terrific service or decor here

As a group of six, we picked several dishes to share.

The restaurant itself is very low-key and not decorated in any way.  They only accept cash.  You should come in here expecting a decent, affordable meal which is what happened.

To my surprise, the beef noodle soups contained incredibly tasty noodles!  The soup base was thin and not heavy and the noodle blended with the beef so well.  I was impressed to say the least.

Taiwan stewed beef with noodle soup. $6.99

Stewed beef and tendon with noodle soup. $7.95

The two types of fried rice that we ordered arrived in a much smaller portion than I expected and we cleared up these two small plates within seconds.   The Yang Chow fried rice didn’t taste much different than the Chicken fried rice… the chicken fried rice actually barely contained many chicken chunks.  You can see the photos for yourself.  Don’t they just look the same?

Yang Chow fried rice. $6.50

Chicken fried rice. $5.75

Fried fragrant-flowered garlic pie. $4.59
(the translation from Chinese makes no sense — this pancake just has leek in it)

I also love leek pancakes and was looking forward to the way they made theirs here at Mirage.  It was a huge pancake and much simpler than the other ones I’ve had before.  This one only had leek inside and no egg or vermicelli.  It tasted only okay.

The same for the onion pancake.  It wasn’t as fragrant and tasty as it could have been.  The presentation of it looks great though (or maybe I’m just an awesome photographer. ;).



Fried green onion pie. $2.75

All in all, we only spent $7 per person for this meal and it was incredibly fast and simple.  What I loved the most was a beef noodle soup.  I really recommend that if you were to try out this restaurant! 🙂

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  1. andy1076 says:

    Wait you aren’t posting these tasty retreats on your vacay are you? 😀

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