All of the Food that I ate during the Trip to China 2013

I said I would put this collection of food pictures up from when I visited China with the Mon Sheong Youth Group for 15 days during July of last year.  So here it is!  Might as well put it up now, before my next trip, get finally caught up with my travel blog entries and also as a prelude to this year’s Winterlicious 2014 event. 😀  

In all of my Trip to China blog series (with the first one starting here), I didn’t really focus on any of the food that we ate.  Mind you, we ate mostly continental breakfasts provided by the hotels that we stayed at and prearranged lunches and dinners as a tour group.  Nevertheless, since I am a foodie and I take way too many food pictures, I might as well share the various local Chinese dishes here for those of you who want a glimpse.

Food collages organized by day:

Day 1&2:  Landing in Beijing and eating from shrink-wrapped cutlery and plates for our first meal, a very unimpressive Peking duck during dinner, and a late-night trip to the McD’s near our hotel. 

Day 3:  We started to understand that each meal included free bottles of pop or beer.  We always opted for the beer instead of the sugary drinks.  It became a mission to try out each brand of Chinese beer at each meal.  For those of you that are wondering, these beers are so light that I barely felt any buzz from them at all…

Day 4:  Another new brand of beer at lunch, followed by snacks (delicious Thai seaweed chips) at Parkview Green, and a Korean dinner at the Silk Street Building where we ate separate from the group for the night.

Day 5:  Three of the guys bravely ate three scorpions at Wang Fu Jian where there were also fried starfish, fried seahorses, and other unique “snacks”.  A bunch of us enjoyed delicious open-grilled lamb skewers at night!

Day 6:  After climbing the mighty Great Wall of China, we quenched our thirst with juicy popsicle sticks!  We cheered to some strong alcohol shots during lunch atop a souvenir shop.  When we arrived in Xi’an that night, we walked out to Muslim Street to try some more skewers and the famous beef noodles.

Day 7:  We enjoyed numerous bowls of made to order knife-sliced noodles and hand-rolled noodles after seeing the amazing Terra Cotta army museum.  At night, we had a dumpling feast fit for a king.  All the dumplings were made into animal shapes.

Day 8:  We had a really delicious meal in a nice private room in a restaurant.  It was funny because when we tried to break apart the fish, a chopstick was spared in the process since the fish was so hard!

At night, we had a fancy schmancy dinner with the Shandong government officials.  There were so many dishes of food on the table that we had to pile one on top of another to make room for everything.  It was kind of like fine “Shandongese” dining because the portions were beautifully made and decorated.

Day 9:  Because Shandong is known for their hospitality and “ho hat”, it means that they always make sure that their guests leave satisfied and full.  To make sure this happens, it is their custom to over-serve food.  For this reason, I’m going to separate the lunch and dinner dishes into two separate collages so that you can see the sheer crazy amount of food that we received.  The dishes, again, were literally overflowing and had to be stacked one on top of another in order to fit on the table.



Day 10:  We were met with a surprise at dinner.  One of the dishes featured cooked scorpions in it!  Looking back on this, I actually can’t believe that I popped one into my mouth… what was I thinking?  Only three of us at our table attempted it.

Day 11:  This collage includes some rarely taken footage of the breakfast buffets at the hotels that we stayed at.  Also, there is only one picture of one of the food meals we had.  I’m not sure if it was lunch or dinner… This was the day where we had a late start since the rain and fog delayed our travel to climb Mount Tai.

Day 12:  The Grand Mercure Jinan Sunshine Hotel had a Western-style continental breakfast (favourite hotel of the trip because it bypassed China’s restrictions on Facebook and other sites!).  Lunch included a meat stand in the middle of the table that was very delicious.  I also took a picture at the restaurant with a background of food!

Day 13:  The food was obviously being repeated over and over again in terms of the variety for the most part, so I only took four food pictures on Day 13.

Day 14:  This was our very last day of the trip and it was our free day where we could go whenever we wanted (within reason).  We decided to check out the famous Ding Tai Fung for soup dumplings and other authentic Chinese cuisine.  It was nice to dine out and see what else was out there besides tour food. =]

For dinner, a group of us ate cross bridge noodles at a restaurant around Tian Zi Fang and had bubble tea!

Day 15:  A quick ramen meal at the airport before we flew from Shanghai back to Toronto.

The end!  To some of you who have read all the way down to this part (good job!), you may think this was just a HUGE page of poorly-taken pictures of Chinese food, but to me, going through these pictures this evening has been a great walk down memory lane.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to have eaten such a large assortment of local and authentic Chinese food while travelling. ^_^

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16 Responses to All of the Food that I ate during the Trip to China 2013

  1. kykybcraii says:

    Could I get a follow? Ilove your blog

  2. simplydelish says:

    Wow this is pretty neat! Love how everything has chinese even the chips! Thanks for sharing

    • stenoodie says:

      Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you enjoyed it. One of the chips was the Lay’s brand and it was cucumber flavoured!

      • simplydelish says:

        Whoa cucumber flavored?! That sounds awesome but a little weird. I’ve heard that they have matcha green tea flavored kit kats. I bet they have any flavor you can think of.

      • stenoodie says:

        Yep, cucumber flavoured. And the chips actually did taste like cucumber! It was refreshing if you can imagine it lol.

        Yes, they do have green tea flavoured kit kats. I’m not sure where you’re from, but in Canada, they sell them here too in the Asian supermarkets. It was really good; definitely something to try if you get the chance. 🙂

        I just Googled different flavoured kit kats and apparently, there’s even a veggie flavour too! Weird!

      • simplydelish says:

        Wow! Thanks for sharing, that site went into deep & exquisite detail that I’m contemplating ordering some from amazon! I’ll check if there are any though in US japanese markets

      • stenoodie says:

        You’re welcome! I had no idea there were THAT many varieties of kit kat too until I Googled it. It’s pretty amazing what they’ll come up with nowadays haha. Let me know if you end up getting any and how they taste! 🙂

      • stenoodie says:

        No problem! Let me know if you find any and I can try to find you a good deal too! 🙂

  3. Joyce says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of food photos! Great collage to sum your foodie experiences up. 🙂

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