DiSCOVER. Trip to China. Day 9. July 24, 2013.

Daming Lake

Today we went to Daming Lake and Confucius’s mansion, temple, and cemetery. Daming Lake was nice and lunch was really good too since the presentation of the food looked really nice and there was a live performance too. The rest of the day was filled with incredible heat and humidity. I sweated through my 5-short…  

—LOL I probably passed out from exhaustion and that’s why the rest of the post was not written.  I had developed the habit of typing out the day’s events and my thoughts onto my cell phone every night since there was no access to WordPress in China.  I’ll just post the rest of the day’s photos below and comment on them instead.  Sorry folks.  😛

Sitting at the window seat of the tour bus allows you to see how busy and crazy the traffic is in China.

Some bike riders had a uniquely shaped umbrella that extended the bike’s length — gotta have full coverage from the sun’s intense rays..

Stone at the entrance, “Daming Lake”:

The lake:

Various people doing exercise in the park: 

It was very serene there — hardly any crowds, which was unlike most of what we had seen in China so far. 

Jump shot!

Where we had lunch:  Outside of the restaurant, there was a huge display of little people and huge horse statues.  We weren’t too sure what the meaning of these were, but lunch was enjoyable since the food was presented in fun ways, like the book you see in the picture.  Also, we had live entertainment while we ate. 🙂

After we checked into the hotel, we braved the heat and walked to the Confucius temple that was literally right next door.  We strolled down a street of shops that were set up to sell souvenirs first. 

Ticket into the land of Confucius:

It was the most humid day of the trip.  We were all literally sweating and sweating and sweating.  No joke.  Just look at our backs! 

And mine: 

I’ve completely forgotten about how bad the heat was in China now that I’m back in Canada, but you can see how bad it was from all the sweat on our backs.  We were literally just standing around at times listening to the tour guide talk about Confucius and we would be sweating.  Normal people in normal places sweat from working out when their heart rate goes high enough… How do the Chinese people do it day in, day out? 

Here our tour guide explains this painting:  The dragon wants everything in sight and everything that it can get.  It becomes so greedy to the point that it even wants the sun.  Moral of the story:  If you are greedy, eventually you will get burned. 

I guess the only way to beat the heat is to sit in the shade and chat without much movement. 

Then we took a buggy car ride: 

Statue of Confucius on the street:

More walking.  Heading to Confucius’s cemetery.  At this point, I remember that it was so hot that Eddie went and bought a bagful of beers for us to quench our thirsts.  A can of beer for 1 RMB! 

Confucius’s final resting place: 

A pair of giant statues guarding the entrance: 

Riding the same car buggy back to the entrance.  This time, I got a seat in the back of the buggy that faced the road itself!  I’ve never ridden backwards in a vehicle before.  It made for a cool journey (and photos).  Luckily, I sat right in the middle of Mandy and Eddie so I was ultra safe lol.  There were no seatbelts! 

At night, a small group of us ventured out into the disgusting humidity and across the street to buy some souvenirs.  Good thing the little shop had wonderful air conditioning inside it and the owner was so kind as to offer us popsicles while we waited for the stamps to be etched. 

The sifu was an expert at craving the names onto the little piece of stone.  He did a truly amazing job.  No draft needed.  He just took one look at the name scrawled on the piece of paper and went to work with his knife. 

Result of the cravings: 

And that’s all for Day 9!  A real sweaty and humid trip of a day.  We persevered and made it through though!  The sketchy hotel that we stayed in turned out to be okay as well.  No one complained of ghosts after all…

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16 Responses to DiSCOVER. Trip to China. Day 9. July 24, 2013.

  1. Joyce says:

    Fantastic post and photos, Karen! China is on my travel bucket list and the tourist spots you had gone to on Day 9 are definitely right up my alley! Looking forward to the rest of your China blog posts!

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi Joycey! Thank you so much! I can’t wait for you to visit China too! I am sure you will have a blast seeing all of the cultural elements and eating the food! I’m uploading the pictures for Day 10 as we speak, haha. Although I’m looking forward to finally finishing off this “Trip to China” series on my blog (since it’s taking me forever), I do enjoy looking back and reminiscing about my trip. 🙂

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