The Montreal Deli and Greek Grill [Defunct]

Located at 115 York Boulevard in Richmond Hill

There’s nothing like going for breakfast early in the morning with a friend to just catch up.  Betty and I tried out The Montreal Deli and Greek Grill yesterday and it was a no frills deli and grill place.

I hadn’t heard much about this restaurant at all before and didn’t even know that it was located in the densely-restaurant-populated area of York Boulevard in Richmond Hill where you find restaurants like Destiny’s or Bulgogi Brothers.  Apparently they serve award-winning smoked meat sandwiches too!  (They should actually post these awards on their website so that people know exactly which ones they won.)

Montreal Smoked Meat. $7.15

As such, I ordered a hefty portion of Montreal smoked meat sandwich and Betty chose one of the breakfast combos (SUCH a good deal by the way!  She got more food than I did for almost half the price.  That’s what you get when you are suckered into trying their smoked meat sandwiches though 😉 ).

In any case, I enjoyed the friendly service and the low-key style of the restaurant.  I liked the quality of smoked meat that I had!  It definitely was compulsory for me to compare this one with the actual ‘real deal’ Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well the meat was smoked and how it tasted so soft and its smoked edges hinted of a little spice too.  It was so yummy!  I devoured the first half rather quickly since it was so good.  I liked the really soft pickle that was on the side too. 🙂  One downside is that I felt that the bread used to hold the meat together could have been of a harder type.  The heat from the meat made the bread a little soggy and didn’t go well together.  Other than that, I would say this could be the next best thing to going to Schwartz’s in Montreal.

Smoked Meat Breakfast: 3 eggs, toast, potatoes, & smoked meat. $6.50 (8-11:30 a.m.)

Betty seemed to enjoy her smoked meat breakfast plate too.  (Look at all that food!)  I tried one of the potatoes and it tasted a little dry to me.  Nevertheless, Montreal Deli and Greek Grill is definitely a nice breakfast/lunch place to check out for a quick meal. 🙂

The Montreal Deli & Greek Grill on Urbanspoon

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17 Responses to The Montreal Deli and Greek Grill [Defunct]

  1. oh mai goodnesh 😛 I fohgot Engrish when I luk at this blogg poz….
    I would eat those with Ketchup and Siracha 😛 Big breakfast is an amazing boost for your day ❤ you should to early breakfast more often ❤ 😀

  2. andy1076 says:

    That’s indeed great value for such a great meal! I like my pickles crispy though 🙂 The meal layout also reminds me of De Dutch, Do you have one there? 🙂

  3. andy1076 says:

    mmm my smilies are missing, better do ^.^ instead 😀

  4. fyeyes says:

    Just one thing: Yummie!

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