Sushi Lunch at Oshio Restaurant

Located at 2900 Steeles Ave E in Thornhill

My friend Grace and I finally had some quality catch-up time the day before my detox started.  We ate lunch at a frequently seen — Oshio Restaurant — but rarely visited Japanese restaurant.  The reason I say that is because I’ve passed by this plaza at Steeles and Don Mills plenty of times but never chanced to go in and try their food.  




Shops on Steeles plaza

The interior was much bigger and nicely decorated than I expected and they even have private rooms where big groups can sit at private tables that look like Japanese low tables from afar.

The sushi was pretty good!  Grace absolutely loved the spicy salmon rolls that she ordered.  The salmon pizza was also a great delight to look at; so nicely assembled!  I’ve never seen sushi pizza made like this before with the entire slices of avocado and raw salmon lying on top.

Spicy salmon roll. $4.99

Spicy salmon sushi pizza. $7.99
-raw salmon, avocado with spicy mayo on top of deep fried sushi rice

I was very impressed with the presentation of my order.  Look at it!  It’s like a giant ship of sushi! ^_^  To start off though, my lunch combo included not only a typical salad and miso soup, but they also gave a small bowl of Japanese congee.  It was the perfect consistency and portion.  It was very smooth and easy to eat.  Yum!  (Grace also had the congee, so it was a complimentary appetizer of the restaurant’s).

Miso soup, salad, Japanese congee

Sushi Lunch B combo. $8.99
-10 sushi pieces & 6 maki pieces

While Grace was very pleased with the food and absolutely blown away with the spicy salmon roll, I was content with my order.  The service was good, the sushi was good, and nothing was bad.  Do pay a visit to this restaurant if you are in the area and want some sushi. 🙂

Oshio Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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9 Responses to Sushi Lunch at Oshio Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    Everything looks so good especially your sashimi plate, I definitely love the way it was presented ^^

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