Eating Tacos at Seven Lives – Tacos y Mariscos

Located at 69 Kensington Avenue in Toronto

Seven Lives – Tacos y Mariscos is a taco joint in Kensington Market that is extremely popular.  It specializes in “So-Cal/Baja style seafood”.  I thought it was a sit-down restaurant, but to my surprise, when I got there, there are only 2 main tables and a standing table connected to the wall for guests.  It is mainly an in and out place where you order the food from the counter and then take your food elsewhere to eat.  Luckily, despite all the tables being full when we arrived, Tam and I were able to get a table outside on the patio to eat — even then, there were only 2 tables outside!


The menu is straight forward; every item is listed on their chalkboard and you simply order and wait for your food.  I love how all the taxes are already included with each price so you don’t have to dig for change.  Each taco is $5 and all items cash only.  Fast and easy payment! (There are only 9 items on the menu).

I tried their famous “Gobernador” taco (with the helpful pronunciation of “go-ber-nah-dor”) which is a taco with smoked marlin with shrimp and cheese.  Mmm, shrimp and cheese.  You can’t go wrong with that!  It was fairly good.  The shrimp was plump but I wished it was a little more juicy.  I also wish the cheese was more intense and strong (cheese lover right here).  I liked how the 100% corn tortilla was strong enough to hold up all the sauces and stuff in the taco without breaking or falling apart.

Home of the Gobernador!

Gobernador. $5
-smoked marlin with shrimp and cheese

The second taco I tried was the Baja Fish.  They are known for serving baja fish so this was a natural choice.  It is battered and deep fried mahi mahi with cream sauce.  Mmm, the baja fish was tender and meaty.  It was pretty good!  The onions and ingredients were very fresh.

Baja fish. $5
-battered and deep fried mahi mahi with cream sauce

After receiving your taco, you can also self-serve and add more sauces to it from their counter.  I decided I wanted to try their tacos the way they made it without sauces.

Mild, medium, hot sauces

Seven Lives. I wonder why they named it that

I think for next time, I’d love to come back and try more of their tacos.  Each taco is fairly big so two will fill you up for sure.  If you want to feel extra full, a third one wouldn’t hurt.  I actually kind of wish I chose a third one to try it or at least to share.  Their ceviche is also very appealing to me!

Seven Lives on Urbanspoon

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7 Responses to Eating Tacos at Seven Lives – Tacos y Mariscos

  1. andy1076 says:

    I love tacos :9 yum!

  2. Pauline says:

    Heeeyy… I’ve always wanted to try that place – those tacos look delicious! And they seem SO BIG!

    • stenoodie says:

      Yea! This place is worth trying. Five bucks for a big taco like this is pretty good! 🙂 It helped that I was quite famished when I got there too 🙂

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