Prix Fixe Dinner at Sambuca Grill

Located at 21 Baldwin Street in Toronto

I’ve been to the other location of Sambuca before; the one that is on Church street.  I remember dining there and being genuinely and pleasantly surprised with the amazing quality of the food and the generous portion of the food.

Sambuca Grill is located on Baldwin Street where there are a lot of restaurants along the street.  I love this street!  There are so many great restaurants here.  Sambuca serves mainly Italian food.

The restaurant didn’t have too many customers on this Tuesday night and there was only one server for the whole restaurant. However, she did a great job and made sure we were good with everything at all times

Broken Down Golf Cart. $6.95
-Ameretto, Southern Comfort, Melon Liqour, Cranberry Juice

Shelley and I didn’t feel too hungry on this particular day (especially with me already having eaten a prix fixe lunch 4 hours ago), so we smartly decided to share one prix fixe meal.  We also shared a drink that was called “broken down golf cart”.  What an interesting name!  It tasted like plum juice to me with a very tiny hint of alcohol… to the point that once the ice watered down the drink, I couldn’t taste the alcohol anymore.

Shelley had been to this restaurant several times before and knew that the mussel appetizer that came in a curry sauce was the bomb.  She was right.  I was blown away with how amazing the curry sauce was.  I’ve never had such smooth and rich curry sauce to dip mussels in before; never in any Asian restaurant which is the places that usually best the best curry.  The mussels were pretty good but the curry sauce definitely stole the show.  We asked for a second basket of bread so that we could dip into the curry sauce even more.  SOO good!

-fresh P.E.I. mussels with leeks and plum tomato in a curry sauce

Really soft bread to dip into the most delicious curry sauce ever!! We asked for two baskets since the curry sauce was just so amazing

Apple Chicken
-sauteed chicken, apple, sun-dried tomatoes in a white wine dijon sauce, served with roasted potato wedges and steamed seasonal vegetables

The apple chicken dish was not bad.  Comparing to “white” restaurants, the meat is almost never perfectly cooked unless it is a fine dining/five star restaurant.  This apple chicken actually wasn’t too tough and it got better with each bite.  The vegetables were tender and soft and even the potatoes were a little flavoured and yummy.

Because the portions are so generous here, by the time we got to dessert, we were already very full.  We chose the lava cake which had a rich chocolate cake wrapped around liquid chocolate with ice cream on top.  It was a solid dessert and a great finish!

Lava Cake
-warm, rich, white and dark chocolate cake over vanilla ice cream

I will always like Sambuca because they serve great food and are affordable.  Go, Sambuca!

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