Royale Fine Dining & Banquet

Located at 648 Silver Star Blvd in Scarborough

Another new Chinese restaurant has popped up in Scarborough (on the border to Markham)!  We are so lucky here in Toronto that there are so many restaurants in town that you can never run out of new places to try.  Imagine if I lived in a small town where the population was 1,000 instead of 2.5 million, this blog would have to take itself to another foodie city in order to keep the posts coming.  

A great space for a dim sum place!

Assorted dim sum

Royale Fine Dining and Banquet Hall takes over the space of Star Walk Buffet.  I’m sure many of the Torontonians and Chinese-food-goers would recognise this international buffet that used to be at Silver Star and Steeles.

Since the space used to be a big buffet, the area is massive for a Chinese restaurant.  My family and I tried out this restaurant for the first time and here’s what we ordered:


By now, I’ve reviewed so many Chinese restaurants and dim sum places that I’ll just point out the unique dim sum that they feature and which I’ve tried.

We tried a durian dessert that comes with a pastry top.  It’s quite good.

Tapioca Durian Pastry. $2.80

Since that first visit, I’ve ate here at least two other times and also for dinner.  The food’s pretty good and not bad.  There’s so many people that come for dim sum and since it’s such a great area for the Chinese community in Markham and Scarborough, there’s no wonder this place is a hit.

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