Aoyama Sushi

Located at 2766 Victoria Park Ave in North York

I was able to catch up with Rosemarie at a Japanese restaurant near the area of Victoria Park and Finch.  It was a rainy night and I’m so glad that I got a parking spot right in front of the restaurant so I didn’t have to risk drenching myself in the heavy rain.  

Rosemarie had previously been to this restaurant and had high acclaim for the sushi here.  I was excited to try it out to say the least.

We made a reservation for 8 p.m., the only timeslot that was available when Rosemarie called the restaurant.  Despite having a reservation and showing up on time, we still had to wait at the door for around 5 minutes before the hostess/server acknowledged and had time to seat us.  The space inside the restaurant is very small and we had a table that was next to a wall so we still had some privacy.

The sushi selection seems authentic since everything is written in Japanese but the prices are certainly a little higher.  We ended up trying the ATC Roll and a Shrimp Tempera with Spicy Salmon Roll for the sushi.

ATC Roll. $12
-a roll with avocados, spicy tuna, and crispy tempura bits in a back-hand style roll
Shrimp Tempera with Spicy Salmon Roll. $9
-shrimp tempura and spicy salmon packed together in a back-hand style roll

I was not impressed with the presentation.  For a restaurant that looked really high end, the sushi hand-craftsmanship was poor.  The sushi pieces were practically falling out as I picked it up with my chopsticks and just look at the picture of the sushi; it just looks bad.

The taste of the sushi was so-so.  There wasn’t anything memorable about it.

Rosemarie suggested to order the Salmon Teriyaki from the grill, stating that when she tried it last time, it was moist and very good.  I trusted her.  However, when it arrived, it was a block of cooked salmon that was very, very dry.  To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a dry piece of salmon before.  It was very difficult to finish since it wasn’t good at all.  Even Rosemarie was disappointed and said that it was not like this when she had it before at all.  There was also little to none teriyaki sauce on the salmon which made it even more plain to eat.

Salmon Teriyaki. $12.50
-grilled salmon with a layer of house-mixed teriyaki sauce

We also tried the Fried Oysters.  These were particularly served to us in two plates; one plate contained whole fried oysters that were hot to the core and the other plate contained half-fried oysters.  It was very interesting.  The flavour of these were all right.  It wasn’t mind-blowing.

Fried Oyster. $8
-breaded oysters, fried to crisp and served with Ponzu sauce

Mango Mochi Ice Cream. $4~

To end off the unsatisfying night, we ordered one last thing:  Dessert!  I’m so glad that we ordered this because it totally redeemed the entire night.  They had mango mochi ice cream!  This exceeded my expectations.  The mochi was unceremoniously cut up into halves which takes out the experience of eating it with the mango ice cream bursting out in your mouth, but the texture of the soft mochi skin was so delectable.  I’ve never had such soft mochi skin before!  It was amazing.

So, to end off this review, I would say that for the most part, Aoyama Sushi isn’t that amazing.  However, I have faith that Rosemarie was speaking the truth and that this was just an off day for the restaurant.  There’s no way that this restaurant is always that poor quality if they have so many consistent customers all the time.  Last but not least, the mango mochi ice cream definitely redeemed the entire experience!  Have you been to this restaurant before?  What did you think of it?

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3 Responses to Aoyama Sushi

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  2. kk says:

    Hi, Found your blog recently and just reading previous post. I haven’t been to aoyama but i have ordered takeout here..the sushi here is amazing! now the difference is the food you order. I ordered the $22 sushi set which was more sushi than a maki set. I think next time if you tried their sushi or the omakase which is the expensive $60 per person set, you might have a different opinion. I also suggest you try Taro Fish and try their “cheaply” priced chriashi sushi for $12.95.

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi! I totally agree with you. I don’t think we ordered the items that were best representative of Aoyama. I can’t wait to try more of their food next time. Thank you for leaving your comment. 🙂

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