Gold Mark Chinese Cuisine

Located at 7501 Woodbine Ave in Markham

Gold Mark Chinese Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant that is newly opened.  I noticed it when driving on streets of John Street and Woodbine since The Fish House previously occupied this place.  I was so disappointed to find that that Western seafood restaurant had closed down.  Betty and I had an amazing time there and the food was delicious too.  I remember from our visit there that it was packed full even on a weekday .. so why did it close?  Nevertheless, this space is now renovated to fit Gold Mark.

The Fish House used to be here.. so sad that it’s not anymore 😦

Something about the atmosphere didn’t make for a cozy dinner

My family and I came here for a joint birthday dinner to try this restaurant out.  The inside is very big and has nice chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  Despite their best efforts to decorate the place, I still found that their place seemed a little too big and not enough decor to make it look cozy or homey.

We ordered a dinner set to share among six people.  The food portions were surprisingly small and the service wasn’t very good.  It took a long time for the first dish to arrived.  Hmm :/

Here are the dishes that we ordered:

Fish maw & fresh crab meat soup

Stir fried scallop & shrimp with vegetable

Roasted pork & jellyfish

Poached chicken & jellyfish

Blanched yu choy with conpoy & Chinese prosciutto ham stock

Stir fried garoupa filet with dried fungus & king oyster mushroom

Stir fried lobster in Maggi sauce

Desserts & Red bean soup

Overall, the food was very average and not the most memorable.  The one I did enjoy was the lobster.  Yum!  The prices were a little steep too.  I’m very sure we’re not going to step foot in here again.

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7 Responses to Gold Mark Chinese Cuisine

  1. andy1076 says:

    I’m starting to wonder if grumpy and slow service is a natural thing in chinese restaurants these days? I’m finding the same here in Vancouver in many places :-\

    The desserts are interesting for sure though! 🙂

    • stenoodie says:

      Yes, in most Chinese places, the service is unprofessional and impolite. They care more about fast table turnover and getting the food to you quickly than about the pleasantries.

      • andy1076 says:

        Did you find that the case in HK?

      • stenoodie says:

        HK is much better because if you are rude or unprofessional in HK, guests are more apt to complain. Once there is a complaint, the server is likely to get the boot. That’s one thing I love about HK — always excellent service no matter where you go. 🙂 Unfortunately, it seems that in Toronto, people are more egotistical and even complaining won’t make a difference. That’s why service in restaurants vary so much.

      • andy1076 says:

        mmmmm….! I will have to remember that the next time I’m in Asia, It’s been a while though 🙂

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