Lunch at Le Gourmand

Located at 152 Spadina Avenue in Toronto

Le Gourmand is a name that I’ve heard of often.  I got to come here yesterday for a brunch with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while!  I was there early before our agreed-to time so I took this chance to try their much-talked about chocolate chip cookies and drip coffee.  

Le Gourmand is located on Spadina near Queen St. West and is a cafe for food from breakfast until dinner (with brunch on the weekends), coffee, and pastries.  It is a good spot to do some quiet work (they have free wifi) over light refreshments or have a small meet-up with a friend or two to catch up.  They have a lot of tables for you inside the cafe as well as some on the patio.

Easily seen on Spadina Rd in Toronto with a patio outside
(personally, if their patio had some umbrellas, I would have a higher chance of sitting there)

They not only serve pastries and coffee, but they are big on healthy eating.  All of their fresh ingredients are individually selected from the market.  They don’t use preservatives or stabilizers in their food!  So even though they are a fast-food and self-serve kind of cafeteria, their food is fresh and homemade.

When I walked into Le Gourmand on the Wednesday morning, it was packed with people!  After getting my coffee and cookie, I was lucky to find a table for myself without having to resort to the single stool tables to the side.

Lots of pastries!

They even have Portuguese egg tarts! (Can try next time)

At Le Gourmand, you place your order at the counter and pick up your drink or pastry at the same spot.  If you are ordering a sandwich, you leave your name and they will call you up when it is ready.

I ordered a small French Roast drip coffee.  I usually never order coffee but because I wanted indulge in what the online reviews said about their really good tasting coffee, I sacrificed my usual lack of caffeine to try it.  It was pretty good.

Drip Coffee — French Roast (small). $1.60

Chocolate Chip Cookie

I also ordered a chocolate chip cookie.  It was a really big cookie!  When I pried it apart to eat, there was so much chocolate in it that I had chocolatey fingers immediately.  I have never had such a thick chocolatey chocolate chip cookie before!  It was pretty good!  It was very crunchy on the outside and slightly softer in the centre.  I just loved the fact that it was so gooey and a lot of the chocolate melted in my hands when I was trying to eat it.  This is a real big cookie that even Cookie Monster would approve of. 😛

Broken up to show you the insides 🙂

It wasn’t as packed after I got there for a little bit

When Sherry arrived, we ordered the sandwiches to eat and chat.  It turned out that we both ordered the Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich with Pesto (if we had known beforehand, we should have coordinated and shared one half of a sandwich so that we could try more varieties).  When I placed my order, the girl at the counter didn’t ask if I wanted it to go or to dine in (and I didn’t think anything of it), so she automatically packed it up in a to-go bag for me.  On the other hand, Sherry was asked about hers and she had her sandwich on a plate.  Hmm… sometimes these little things frustrate me.  Why was one customer asked about their dining preferences and not the other?  It’s not a big deal, but from an environmentalist perspective, they could have saved on the paper wrapping if they had known that mine was to be dined in.

Lots of lunch options: salads, sandwiches, soups

Prosciutto Sandwich. $6.60
-Brie cheese, arugula pesto

The take-out version of the same sandwich

The Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich with Pesto was pretty good.  I asked for mine to be grilled.  It was a pretty flat sandwich and I liked that the soft brie cheese helped to balance out the saltiness of the prosciutto slices.  I wish there was a little bit more pesto in it too.  Regardless, it was a pretty solid sandwich.

It was really nice to chitchat and catch up in the casual environment at Le Gourmand.  They had really tall and old-fashioned shelves that housed many different things like cans, jars, and general ingredients for cooking.  It was such a cozy spot to meet up with a friend since it’s not too loud and the mood was pleasant.

Have you been here before?  Have you tried their chocolate chip cookies? 🙂

I love the look of the shelves!

It’s a busy cafe

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5 Responses to Lunch at Le Gourmand

  1. andy1076 says:

    Prosciutto and giant chocolate chip cookies, Those two combined is enough to make my day 🙂

  2. gchan7127 says:

    Wow, that’s a huge chocolate chip cookie!!!

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