Prix Fixe Dinner for 2 at Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge

Located at 461 King Street West in Toronto

Thanks to and their Outreach Program, I got to try out Brassaii Restaurant and Lounge this past Friday evening. reached out to me and provided me with a 10% off purchase for my readers with an exclusive promo code for a limited period of time.  It was a really neat exchange where I helped Buytopia showcase their merchants and where my readers got to take advantage of some great deals on the site.  It was a win-win situation!  

When I looked at the restaurants currently offering a promotion on their site, I spotted Brassaii.  I have heard of this restaurant before but haven’t tried it.  Thus, I booked Grace and I for a night out in the Entertainment District for a fancy prix fixe dinner for two! 🙂

The atmosphere is very fancy in there

We booked for an early dinner at 5:30 p.m. and we were very first to arrive on this nice summer evening.  Unbeknownst to me, I thought that the prix fixe dinner menu would be something similar to what they already had on their dinner menu (I even looked up what I wanted to choose for my appetizer, entree, and dessert the night before).  Alas, our very friendly and professional server informed us of the two choices that we could pick from for the appetizer and entree and the sole choice of dessert that they had for the prix fixe menu.  I was happy regardless since the meal was comped by  You really can’t complain about free food (unless it is spoiled or has bugs in it).

Bread and butter

We received some bread to start.  The butter was exceptionally soft and Grace really appreciated it.  For their prix fixe menu, the appetizers contained either a salad or soup.  Grace chose the Market Greens salad and I chose the Seasonal Soup.  Usually I would opt for salads over soups but because there were only two options, I really wanted to ‘try’ both and get as much experience tasting their menu as possible. 🙂  (I always like doing that.)

Sparkling Wine

We also each got a glass of sparkling wine chat came in champagne glasses (as part of the voucher).

The presentation of the appetizers was gorgeous and arrived very quickly (and I have to mention that the service was exceptional and very professional — every time we got up from our seats to use the restroom, a server would come by swiftly to fold our napkins and put it back on the table).  All the staff was very professional and respectful.  It was a very nice dining environment (dress code is business casual please).

Seasonal Soup. $9
-Thai Spiced Tomato

The Seasonal Soup that I had was a Thai Spiced Tomato Soup.  Even though it is ‘just’ soup, it was very nicely presented with the red tomato soup garnished with a sprig of greens, a crisp, and some olive oil doused in a circle (I notice these details!).  It was surprisingly more spicy than I realized.  I figured that the spice wouldn’t be so strong in a venue like this, but it was spicy throughout.  I really appreciated it though and I used the bread to help balance out the spice.

Market Greens. $14
-tangerine vinaigrette, grana padano, mixed greens, tangerine segments

I tried a little bit of the Market Greens Salad that Grace had.  It was a very light, fresh, and refreshing mixed green salad.  It contained tangerine vinaigrette, grana padano, mixed greens, and tangerine segments.  Grace mentioned that it was one of the best mixed greens salad she’s ever had.  I also agreed and said that it was definitely a very satisfying mixed greens salad.

The server replaced our utensils with new ones for our entrees after our appetizers were done.  I chose the Sparkling Risotto while Grace had the Agnolotti.  Both of these are pasta dishes.  Just like before, presentation points were high.  The dishes looked gorgeous! 🙂

Sparkling Risotto. $24
-cava infused risotto, asparagus, grilled corn, grana padano, foraged flower, glass of cava

The Sparkling Risotto contained cava infused risotto, asparagus, grilled corn, grana padano, foraged flower, and glass of cava.  I am a huge fan of risotto and love ordering to see how the restaurant prepares it and how it stacks up with other restaurants.  I found that this risotto was a lot harder in texture than I usually like and prefer.  The asparagus was very fresh though.  The food runner also kindly informed us that the wildflowers were edible (as he’s seen some patrons pick them off without knowing they’re edible).  It was a very rich and hearty dish that fills you up.

Agnolotti. $24
-fresh goat cheese, scallion pesto, citrus cream sauce, roasted red pepper pesto

Another look

I ended up really liking the Agnolotti dish which contained fresh goat cheese, scallion pesto, citrus cream sauce, and roasted red pepper pesto (so much so that Grace and I switched plates because she liked my risotto dish more too).   I loved the creamy goat cheese and how strong it was.  You could smell it right away when the dish was placed on our table.  I found it neat that the citrus cream sauce contrasted with the red pepper pesto.  I just loved how the entire dish was so creamy and rich.  I also got really full very soon from this dish since it was all carbs.

Homemade Sorbet. $9
-mango, raspberry, passion fruit

For dessert, we both were served the Homemade Sorbet.  It was once again beautifully presented.  The trio of sorbet included mango, raspberry, and passion fruit flavours with a lot of fresh blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries hidden underneath the sorbet in the cup.  There was also a shortbread cookie on the plate that was very soft and crumbly.  Personally, I found that the sorbet was ultra sour (I’m not a big fan of sorbets — I prefer ice cream).  I did enjoy the mango one more than the others though.  The sorbets were very well made though; if you’re a fan of sorbets, you would definitely appreciate this.

They have a dining room at the front of the restaurant too.. so nice to lounge in

Pretty decor for the Grey Goose event

Brassaii Cafe, Restaurant, Lounge

All dressed up in blue for an event

As the night progressed, there were more and more patrons in the restaurant and the staff were actually getting ready for a Grey Goose sponsored event for the night later on.  I would come here again and try their regular menu since they serve some really enticing and delicious-sounding appetizers and mains!  Thanks for a good meal, Brassaii, and to for the voucher!

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FTC Disclaimer:  Although Buytopia provided me with a complimentary voucher at dine at this restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of Buytopia or the restaurant.


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  1. gchan7127 says:

    It was an amazing experience for me, Karen. Thank you for taking me. ❤

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