Fish & Chips at Baked and Battered Cottage Bakery & Fish Fry

Baked and Battered Cottage Bakery & Fish Fry located at 128 Highland St in Haliburton

Finally, we come to the last restaurant we dined out at on this year’s MC & Prep Retreat. (Hello, soon-to-be-over-backlog at stenoodie.) :]  After a second lovely night at our private villas at Pinestone Resort, we woke up the next morning (rather late for most of us) and packed up and then headed to a local fish and chips restaurant for brunch at 11 a.m.  

Outside view looking from the inside

Looking out towards Lake Head

What a nice view when dining in

It was a little rainy and gloomy outside, but Baked and Battered Cottage Bakery & Fish Fry faced a beautiful small lake (Lake Head) that would have been breathtaking in the summer and early autumn when the colourful leaves were still hanging on the trees (unfortunately I think we were a week late in seeing the autumn colours in Haliburton).  The 20 or so of us crowded around the counter where we placed our orders for the fried fish and chips.  You place the order and leave your name, take a seat in their very Canadian-styled dining room, and then they deliver the order to you in your seat.  I say that their dining room area was very “Canadian” because it had a very woodsy feel with wood-paneled walls that looked like we were inside of a cabin and lots of decor placed up around the room of loons, fish, fishing lure, and other naturey odds and ends.  It was really nice!  The lady serving us was very good-humoured and friendly too.

See what I mean? It’s very homey

Coconut Shrimp (4 pc). $7.95

Sereen and I shared an order of Coconut Shrimp.  There were four pieces with sauce and I was actually so impressed with how amazing the Coconut Shrimp tasted!  It was so crispy on the outside and there was a very strong flavour of coconut on the fried breading.  The shrimp inside was tender.  I was just so pleased with how coconuty it tasted.  It was SO good! 😀



These were actually pricey for almost $2 a pop, but they were so tasty!

Fish & Chips Meal: Haddock. $9.95
-fresh cut fries, homemade coleslaw, home made tartar sauce

Next up, my order of fish and chips arrived.  You could choose from a selection of cod tail, haddock, Alaskan halibut, or pickerel.  I chose the haddock based on the staff’s recommendation.  It came nicely fried with fries, homemade tartar sauce, and homemade coleslaw.  (You could also choose salad instead of fries if you so desired.)

The first couple of bites into the fried piece of haddock were absolutely amazing.  The fillet was so soft and tender!  I really enjoyed it.  The tartar sauce was not bad but I wish it was a little bit more creamy.  The fries and coleslaw were all right.  The coleslaw was a little too watery in my opinion.

I believe Jason got the Cod Tail. Everyone had a slice of lemon on their fish & chips. I think the cook forgot to put one in my basket XD

My favourite was absolutely the basket of Coconut Shrimp.  It was probably one of the best I’ve ever had. 😀

The bakery side of Baked & Battered!

After we were done eating, we walked over to their bakery that was connected directly to their fish and chips store.  I thought that their namesake was genius: “Baked and Battered Cottage Bakery and Fish Fry”; they sell baked goods and also fried battered fish.  There were a lot of people here and there was a steady stream of customers as we loitered here for a while.  Some of us ordered pastries and coffee before we headed back on our 1.5-2 hour road trip home to Markham.


Look at all these baked goods!

Raahim got a delicious piece of The Docksider
(a rich cheesecake on a graham crust with Skor Bits. $3)

View from the outside

Thanks for a great fried fish (shrimp) and chips place, Baked and Battered! 🙂

Baked and Battered Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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