Norwegian Getaway Cruise 2016 ~ Day 4 Dinner in Savor Dining Room

Day 4 Dinner at Savor Dining Room

Our fourth night of dinner on board the seven-day Norwegian Getaway Cruise was at Savor Dining Room at 5:30 p.m.  We were early again this time and finished dinner service by 7:15 p.m.  So awesome!

Savor Dining Room was located right across from Taste Dining Room and look practically identical.  All the main dining rooms serve the same food, so it doesn’t really matter if you go to Tropicana, Taste, or Savor.  However, looking back, I did enjoy dining at Taste or Savor more because the dining rooms were smaller which meant that the food came out faster than at Tropicana (the waiting time there was significantly longer for sure).

Bread basket that I never touched because I wanted to save room for the amazing courses each night

Day 4 Menu at Savor Dining Room

We ordered four appetizers: Escargot Cassoulet, Lime & Dill Shrimp, Peking Duck Salad, and Asparagus & Artichoke Risotto.

Escargot Cassoulet
-porcini mushrooms, Burgundy sauce

The Escargot Cassoulet was interesting.  I actually expected a lot of baked escargots in a dish like usually eat them in a restaurant but I guess I neglected the “cassoulet” part.  The cassoulet was a light pastry and acted as a pie for the escargots.  I loved the escargot meat and the burgundy sauce.

Lime & Dill Shrimp
-fingerling potatoes, dijon mustard dressing

The Lime & Dill Shrimp was amazing and a perfect appetizer to begin the meal because it was a bit sour and helped to open up the appetite.  I am a big fan of seafood and shrimps for appetizers! 😀

Peking Duck Salad
-argula, Boston lettuce, green asparagus, fennel & walnut oil vinaigrette

The Peking Duck Salad was all right.  The Peking duck was a bit too chewy and fatty.

Asparagus & Artichoke Risotto
-basil pesto, parmesan cheese

Omg, the Asparagus & Artichoke Risotto was soooo good!  I love risotto and they made this just right ^_^.  A bit lemony and so tasty!  In addition, I love artichoke so this made the entire dish just right for my tastebuds.

Our four appetizers on the table

We ordered three main courses to share: Oven Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb, Mediterranean Calamari Salad, and Oven Baked Cornish Hen.

Oven Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb
-dijon mustard & herb crusted, gratin potatoes, French green beans & bacon, rosemary lamb jus

Just like the sushi from the other night, once everyone saw that there was rack of lamb available on the menu, almost everyone at the table ordered this.  (Who doesn’t love lamb?!)  The Oven Roasted Australian Rack of Lamb was done medium rare like I requested and quite gamey.  I liked the seasoning though.  I also liked the small touch of the French green beans being wrapped in bacon.

Mediterranean Calamari Salad
-crispy calamari rings, garlic aioli, arugula, red onions, taggiasca olives, coriander, yellow tear drop tomatoes, aged balsamic vinaigrette

The Mediterranean Calamari Salad had nicely battered and fried calamari, but I wished they were a bit more hot from the fryer.  By the time we dug into this, the calamari rings were not crispy anymore and kind of lukewarm. :/  The rest of the salad was all right.

Oven Baked Cornish Hen
-apple & fig stuffing, root vegetables, chicken broth

The Oven Baked Cornish Hen was all right as well.  I really like the apple and fig stuffing that it came with. 🙂

Our three main courses on the table

We ordered five desserts to share and finished them all… kinda scary when you think about how much we could eat. :/

White Chocolate Mousse & Red Velvet Genoise
-lemon-red wine reduction

The White Chocolate Mousse & Red Velvet Genoise (“Italian sponge cake named after the city of Genoa and closely associated with Italian and French cuisine”) was amazing.  The white chocolate mousse actually had a white chocolate taste and was so smooth.  The red velvet sponge cake at the bottom was so moist and delicious too! ^_^

Sacher Torte
-vanilla schlag, apricot chutney

The Sacher Torte (a “specific type of chocolate cake, or torte, invented by Austrian Franz Sacher”) was a chocolate cake that was decadent and delicious.  Yum!  ❤ Simple classics.  The vanilla schlag was a “whipped cream, used especially as a topping for cake, coffee”.  (Oh, the things you learn while blogging about a meal!)

Coconut Souffle
-lime & mango custard

Pouring the sauce on to the souffle

The Coconut Souffle was interesting and yummy with an orange sauce and crispy edges. 🙂  It was really soft too.

Fresh Fruit Tartlet (no sugar added)
-vanilla sauce, cinnamon & cocoa dust

The Fresh Fruit Tartlet had an incredible smooth cream.  It was so good and had a simple pastry. 🙂

English Cherry Trifle
-whipped cream & fresh strawberries

The English Cherry Trifle wasn’t that great and I didn’t like the crumbly jelly at the bottom..

Our five deserts on the table

I was so hungry that day that even after all that food, I didn’t feel that full.  The digestive enzymes certainly did help though. 🙂

Keep staying tuned for the rest of my blog posts outlining my trip on the seven-day Norwegian Getaway cruise!  I was a bit bummed already on this day that we were already halfway through the trip! :O

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