Sweet Olenka’s (Queen Street West)

Sweet Olenka’s located at 1050 Queen Street West in Toronto

What a pleasure it was to visit Sweet Olenka’s again with my friends for some ice cream and dessert after an amazing dinner at The County General (just 6 minutes away from Sweet Olenka’s) on 1056 Queen Sweet West.  The first time I stepped inside this ice cream parlour (one of four locations in the Greater Toronto Area) was after I had dinner with my friends at Dandylion.  During that visit, I was too full that I just merely observed and didn’t get any sweet treat to enjoy.

However, knowing that this popular ice cream shop was in the area, I told my friends about it and we agreed to try it out.

 Sweet Olenka's logo

Sweet Olenka’s Ice Cream & Desserts logo

 The inside of Sweet Olenkas's

So many people here when we arrived!

 ice cream prices at Sweet Olenka's

Ice cream prices

We got here around 9 p.m. on a Saturday night and the place was packed!  Such a difference to the first visit I came here.  On the first visit, we were the only ones in the store.  On this visit, there was a line-up that wound up from the cashier to the door!  Wow!  I didn’t know that Sweet Olenka’s this was popular since I saw it with my own eyes.

Sweet Olenka’s serves their very own in-house made ice cream, available in gluten-free and vegan, ice cream bars, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cakes, cakes, truffles, chocolates, “cakesters”, and more desserts and sweets.  It’s a great place for all the sweet tooth and dessert lovers.

 Pints of ice cream in a freezer

Handmade ice cream, some of which are vegan!

 Sweet Olenka's ice cream pints

For $7 a pint, these are very reasonable

 Ice cream cakes and cakes

Ice cream cakes and cakes

 Close-up of cake in freezer

A lot of detail in each cake!

 Tarts and Cakesters

Tarts and Cakesters

 Sweet Olenka's ice cream bars

Sweet Olenka’s famous ice cream bars! Look at that cute kitty one!

 vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka's

Vegan, dairy-free, ice cream

 vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka's

Many unique flavours of ice cream

 vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka's

More ice cream flavours that are gluten-free

 vegan ice cream at Sweet Olenka's

You can get the ice cream in a cup or cone

 chocolate hearts at Sweet Olenka's

Chocolate hearts

 chocolates at Sweet Olenka's

Decadent chocolates and cakesters

Green Tea Ice Cream Bar

Green Tea Ice Cream Bar. $5

I ended up choosing the Green Tea Ice Cream Bar that had a dark chocolate shell.  It looked mighty nice and the rest of the ice cream bars looked cute too (like the “Nutella Kitty” one).  Their ice cream sandwiches also looked delicious but I didn’t have room for two desserts!  Also, I don’t think their desserts are incredibly cheap ($5 for a small-ish ice cream bar), so it wasn’t something I wanted to splurge on.

I liked the Green Tea Ice Cream Bar but I don’t think it was anything to write home about.  There was a green tea flavour in the ice cream but not strong enough for my taste.  The chocolate shell was crispy and the size was just enough for me.

I tried Marvin’s matcha blueberry ice cream and Ai’s raspberry crumble and found the flavours definitely unique, especially since they were non-dairy.  It definitely lacked the creaminess of a usual ice cream made with dairy.

 ice cream at Sweet Olenka's

matcha blueberry ice cream, matcha, raspberry crumble flavours

 Mint Chocolate Bar

Mint Chocolate Bar. $5 
I tried it and it was definitely minty!

 Ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwich

 Matcha ice cream in a cone

Matcha ice cream

If I were to return again, I’d love to try the ice cream sandwiches next time!

 The inside of Sweet Olenka's

When we left, the line had dwindled down already

 Sweet Olenka's storefront

They have a huge parking lot and lots of people were enjoying their ice cream on a hot summer day outside

Sweet Olenka's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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