Year in Review: 2016

2016 collage

2016 collage

Hello, December 31, 2016.  This is going to be a summary of my year in 2016:

2016 started off rocky and looked bleak and uncomfortable.  (I remember at the time looking forward to the end of the year already because I couldn’t wait to reflect on the entire year and write this post to wrap it all up lol.)  Then, after my trip mid-way in the year, things took an upward turn and became so much better!  Despite everything that happened in the beginning months of this year, I have to say that this was an overall great year because a lot of wonderful things happened and I embraced the rollercoaster changes that had to occur to bring me to a better point:  I escaped concluded the network marketing company that I was in for 2.5 years and came to terms with real life again.  There were a lot of travel adventures this year, food adventures, reuniting with true and good friends, and a new love.  Steno adventures re-continued and I couldn’t have been happier for that.  I continued blogging every single day as much as I could and shared online my photos of mostly food and things I saw and experienced.

Places I travelled to this year:

January:  The new year kicked off in Calgary, Alberta.  We also visited Banff!

February:  Third cruise to the West Caribbeans and trip to Miami.  This time we were able to visit a private beach in Bahamas as well as climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.

April:  My first time to major parts of Europe!  I visited France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Belgium!  It was an amazing week of touring around Europe.

September-October:  Hong Kong; Gangneung & Myeongdong, South Korea; Hokkaido, Japan.  A full 30-day/one-month trip to HK, SK, and J!  It was amazing.  Lots of family time and I managed to squeeze in as many food adventures as I could too.

The food adventures continued this year thanks to blogging and sharing photos online.  I am always grateful for the foodie events I had this year.  Due to more food instagram accounts and restaurants giving priority to those, I had actually fewer events this year.  I really enjoyed it that way.  I appreciated the private events more than the big media outings.  I also received my very first food blog commissioned job!

I’m thankful for 2016 and all that it had to offer.

For the coming year 2017, I wish for more travelling, food adventures, deeper connections with family and treasured friends, growth in my steno abilities, and extra income on the side.  Health and happiness are also priorities of course!

Specific goals:

  • On blogging:  Although I really enjoyed blogging every single day and challenging myself to see if I could, I’ve proved to myself already that I can do it.  I can stick to a daily blogging schedule and publish a new post every day.  I know that isn’t easy but I have managed to do it.  Yay me!  For the new year though, I’m not going to push myself to blog every day if I really don’t have anything lined up to blog about.  Although this blogging journey has been fun, at the end of the day, I might not want to share everything anymore.  I think I will blog less this coming year in 2017.
  • On eating:  Specifically, this upcoming year, I plan to continue managing my finances like not always ordering what I *can* order but what is the most practical to order on the menu.  I find that it’s become a fun challenge to see how much money I can save at each restaurant I go to.  I love eating and I love trying out new restaurants still but in the past years, I over-splurged by spending too much money on food without regard for my wallet and thinking that I needed to “taste” the whole restaurant in one visit by ordering appetizers plus dessert in addition to the main course plus whatever else I felt I needed to at the time. …  There is no need for that.  Enough of the “YOLO” mentality that I used to have.  That wasn’t practical and my goal for the coming year to is spend less on food and save more money in my bank account (for bigger, more important, *adult* things).  (I really don’t need to try out every single new restaurant out there.)
  • More time with friends and family.  More real connections.  More photos with friends and family!  Looking back at my photos in the past year, I took too many photos of inanimate objects over people instead.  While on vacation, I still take lots of photos of people but in my day-to-day life, I’m going to try to take more initiative to focus on photographing people more and less on things. *ahem, like photos of food*
  • In steno, my goal is to report more.  My goal is to work a minimum of four days a week every week.  I want to be busy but not so busy that I’ll burn out or experience physical illness.  I’m young; I have the time and effort right now to work more.  I plan to be put on more reporting jobs.  I plan to be interested in captioning again because that would be a really nice area to work in for better pay.  I plan to be more capable of churning out professional transcripts — I have been getting better at it this year and I have been really proud of myself for that.  Yay me! 🙂  I plan to network more in reporting as well.  I shouldn’t need to say this, but I will be a certified ACT which will allow me to take on court transcripts across the province.
  • I want another side gig.  Although reporting is fun, I want more challenges.  I’d need to find something legit though.  No more scams or shady network marketing companies that I didn’t know anything about.  I want to challenged in a new area of something where I can grow and learn at and make money with.  I’m open to new opportunities and I guess I will see what I can find out in 2017. 🙂
  • Continuing quality time with myself.  This year has seen more of that and I will continue it.  More Zumba, Blogilates, quiet time at home, meals at home, doing something that pleases the soul. 🙂
  • More airplane trips!  Enough said. 🙂
  • Met a really great guy this year.  The goal is to nourish the relationship and see it grow to something more.

I have a lot more specific goals for 2017 than in previous years.  I am really looking forward to the coming odd-numbered year.  Although, I have to say that I have always liked even-numbered years for some reason haha.  I hope 2017 will continue to be a positive, happy, healthy, and fulfilling year with the people that I care about and those that care about me. 🙂

Happy 2017, everybody!  Best wishes to you and your loved ones. ❤

About stenoodie

I'm a stenographer, foodie, avid traveller, and new mom who loves to share her experiences with the world.
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19 Responses to Year in Review: 2016

  1. Herman says:

    Nice specific goals that you have set for yourself, Karen. Happy New Year!

  2. helloteri says:

    Your travel logs this year are amazing! I hope to be financially stable to travel like that one day as well. Let’s achieve our goals for 2017!! 😀

    Happy new year~

  3. Mike Gee says:

    It’s pretty amazing that you were able to keep up with so many of the restaurants in Toronto. There’s so many of them and more of them opening up! But it’s true, those adult things…all require so much money! haha

    • stenoodie says:

      Haha, thanks Mike! I think I haven’t been keeping up as much as I used to or as some of the other food bloggers or instagramers have lol. There are so many new places nowadays! We’re so lucky to be living here where the food industry is booming and alive. 🙂

      • Mike Gee says:

        Indeed 🙂 What would you say was the most memorable restaurant you’ve been to in 2016? (in Toronto)

      • stenoodie says:

        Alo! I absolutely loved that restaurant. I also enjoyed my dining experiences at Yasu, DOMA, and Te. 🙂 What about you, Mike?

      • Mike Gee says:

        Oh Alo…I keep hearing amazing things about that place but it’s almost impossible to get a reservation there! People say it’s the first Michelin star quality restaurant in Toronto. I liked Boralia and Yasu (although Zen is almost just as good).

      • stenoodie says:

        My friend had to book Alo for us four months ahead of time but it’s completely worth it lol. Oh, I loved Boralia too; I went there before 2016 I believe haha. I haven’t been to Zen yet. 🙂

  4. gchan7127 says:

    I hope you will achieve all your goals this year, Karen! And I can’t wait to meet Ken. 😛

  5. Clarissa says:

    Catching up on your posts. Amazing goals, darling!
    If you ever need an accountability partner, let me know! 🙂

    • stenoodie says:

      Aw, thank you so much sweetie Clarissa!! ❤ I really appreciate your support and love! I will let you know! Hehe. If you are making some goals for this year too, I would love to read them and support too! Catch up with ya again soon! ^_^

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