Hotel Review: Mellow Crystal Hotel in Changsha, China

Mellow Crystal Hotel exterior

Mellow Crystal Hotel located at ZJJ Yongding District Xixiping Lijingtianxia Bulding in Zhangjaijie, China

September 15, 2017:  For our third day in Zhangjiajie, China, we stayed at the Mellow Crystal Hotel (张家界梅洛水晶酒店).  This was a really nice hotel!  It seemed like we were alternating from good hotel to bad hotel and then good hotel each day on this trip.

The Mellow Crystal Hotel had a very large and spacious lobby.  The rooms were gorgeous and almost like a suite based on how the layout in the room was.  After you walked into the room, there was a wide area for the TV and work desk and also a sofa set too.  There was an individual room for the toilet. 

Mellow Crystal Hotel lobby


Mellow Crystal Hotel elevator

Floor Guide in the elevator

 Mellow Crystal Hotel key card folder

Key card folder

 Mellow Crystal Hotel key unlock face

Same cute electronic key unlock face as the first night at Yuantong Hotel!

Mellow Crystal Hotel room

First look at the room

Mellow Crystal Hotel room

So cozy and chic!

Mellow Crystal Hotel restroom

Individual restroom

There was a large window that faced what looked to be a stadium and the developing streets.  It was a really nice view and when we arrived, it was just in time to see the sun setting too.

Mellow Crystal Hotel window view

Large window

Mellow Crystal Hotel window view

Window view

Mellow Crystal Hotel window view

Other side of window

The room had two large double beds in the open space.

Mellow Crystal Hotel beds

Double beds

The restroom was an open concept one with the shower out in the open.  There was no individual “washroom” per se; it was open for the entire room!

Mellow Crystal Hotel restroom

Open concept restroom

Mellow Crystal Hotel glass cups

Pretty glasses

It was so modern and clean.  I felt so comfortable staying here.  It was indeed a good stay.  The shower was a bit awkward to use at first because the glass door was a tight fit after you got in.  Nevertheless, it was such a cozy stay.

 Mellow Crystal Hotel dining room

Breakfast buffet on the second floor

The next morning, there was a continental breakfast.  This was such a modern and well-organized breakfast buffet!  There actually weren’t too many tables and seating so once a table was done, another party used it immediately.  There was also a noodle bar.  I really appreciated the range of food that they served.  They had a lot of chilled appetizers and white rice (my new favourite), sausages, veggies, pumpkin, and more.  It was a good breakfast buffet.

 Mellow Crystal Hotel breakfast noodle station

Noodle station in view

 Mellow Crystal Hotel breakfast foods

I didn’t take photos of all the choices of food but there were a lot!

 Mellow Crystal Hotel breakfast foods

Lots of varieties

 Mellow Crystal Hotel breakfast foods

A chilled section too

 Mellow Crystal Hotel breakfast

My breakfast (I later gave the noodles to my mom since I was full already)

 Mellow Crystal Hotel doorway

Hotel entrance

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