Hotel Review: Tongyuan Hotel in Changsha, China

We stayed here for one night on Sept 13, 2017 for our first night in Changsha, China.  We got to the hotel at 9 p.m. and checked in.  We were in room 1301.

We got one room key which electronically unlocked the door and displayed a blue smiley face.  It was so cute!

Inside the room, we had two double beds.  The room was huge and so spacious!


When you walked in, there was the restroom basin and toiletries to the right.  The shower and toilets were in separate rooms.  There was a telephone inside the toilet room and even a ledge for you to put things (like a phone :p).  The shower room had a handheld shower head that emitted strong blasts of water.  I love it when the showerheads are strong.  There was also an overhead rain showerhead too!!  Loved it.  They didn’t provide any shampoo or conditioner.  They did have shower gel though.

There were slippers provided in the room.  There was a hot water kettle.

What I loved most about the room was that there were USB chargers on the wall above the nightstands!  So high-tech!  They also had individualized light switches for each part of the room and for different lights.

The flat-screen TV was quite large.  No English channels though; everything in Mandarin.

There was a desk and two chairs.  When you walked in there was an open-concept closet too with large hangers.

The beds were comfy :).

The next morning before we checked out at 8:30 a.m., we went to the fourth floor for the continental breakfast buffet.  All we had to do was show them our room key.  We got there at 7:10 a.m. and already the restaurant was filling up with guests and the food was running out.


I liked the modern and bright look of the restaurant and seating (there were booths and tables).

They had congee with green beans, sweet soup, pastries, veggies (a lot of them with peppers), sausages, boiled eggs, fried rice, noodles, fruits station, and a chef manning a noodle station.

The selection was moderate.  I was surprised that they didn’t have any white rice — I really enjoy eating rice nowadays.

The congee was quite good actually but ran out quickly as did a lot of the other selections.  There were so many hotel guests coming in.  Good thing we had a table of six people so that we were able to reserve one just for ourselves.

The pork sausage was good although I didn’t eat the casting — felt plastic-y.  The mushrooms were cooked with red peppers which made it a bit spicy.

I got a bowl of thin noodles from the noodle station.  There was a short line for it since it was the most popular item at the breakfast buffet selection.  The noodles were good but could have used a bit more cooking time to make it less firm.  You could add in condiments like spicy beef and sauces to the bowl too.  I left mine plain.

I really enjoyed staying at this hotel!  The wifi access was strong and stable too.

There was a KFC next door and a McDonald’s across the hotel.  Also a supermarket and the Changsha East Bus Station was across the street too!  Convenient hotel. 🙂

We will be returning to stay at Yuantong Hotel for one more night before we conclude the trip. 🙂




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