Seafood and Meat Hot Pot Trays at Sichuan Kungfu Fish!

Sichuan Kungfu Fish hot pots

Sichuan Kungfu Fish located at 9021 Leslie Street, Unit 4 in Richmond Hill

January 26, 2018:  Last night, we had a wonderful private dinner courtesy of Sichuan Kungfu Fish (麻省理功) to try out their signature dishes.  I had previously been to Kungfu Fish previously for lunch and absolutely loved and highly recommended their dishes.  It was my definite pleasure to return again for more. 🙂  

Kyle wasn’t there to host us but left a message for the staff there to let them know of my arrival.  Thus, our service that night was great since we were brought whatever we needed right away throughout the course of the night.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish now has a second location in Scarborough too!  We were dining at the Richmond Hill location though.  Like I had remembered previously, I liked the comfortable and cozy interior of the restaurant.  (Their major intersection is Hwy 7 and Leslie Street.)

Sichuan Kungfu Fish storefront

Richmond Hill store

Sichuan Kungfu Fish interior

I really like their interior!

Sichuan Kungfu Fish menu and prices


Sichuan Kungfu Fish menu and prices

Appetizers and drinks

The first to arrive was the Spicy Crawfish!  It was presented in their signature fish-shaped hot pot trays with an open flame underneath it that boiled the spicy broth and kept the entire dish hot.

Spicy Crawfish

Spicy Crawfish (regular). $13.99

Spicy Crawfish

The flaming tray keeps it hot!

The crawfish were so plump and looked fresh.  If you can’t take too much spice, a trick is to take the crawfish off from the hot plate before the boiling broth seeps into the little crustacean.

Spicy Crawfish

Hello little crawfish!

The next two hot pot trays were of the Special Cod Fillets and the Basa Fillets with Chopped Chili and Pickled Cabbage topping/broth.  (The menu of options are: Peppercorn spice, Hot Pot Tofu, Chopped Chili, Curry, Black Bean, Pickled Cabbage, Ketchup, and Teriyaki.)

I really liked the Special Cod Fillets!  They were very tender, soft, and tasty.  There was just an easily removable bone from the middle and the rest of it was pure cod fillet.  I liked this Chopped Chili broth because there was a lot of fresh diced tomatoes on it too!  It made the broth very fresh, sweet, with a hint of spice.

Special Cod Fillets in Chopped Chili broth

Special Cod Fillets in Chopped Chili broth

The Basa Fillets was one full piece of fillet that didn’t have any bone at all.  It was very soft in texture.  The Pickled Cabbage broth was great too.  This one wasn’t spicy at all.

Basa Fillets in Pickled Cabbage

Basa Fillets in Pickled Cabbage broth

Fish hot pot


Sichuan Kungfu Fish pots

Three different broths!

The fourth hot pot tray that we had on our table was the Lamb in Hot Pot Tofu topping.  The slices of lamb were so large and lengthy!  After boiling them in the broth, they were so tender and chewy.  I really liked the lamb.  There were tofu in this pot too.  This Hot Pot Tofu broth definitely was spicy.

Lamb in Hot Pot Tofu

Lamb in Hot Pot Tofu broth

We had an assortment of toppings added too like luncheon meat, cabbage, enoki mushroom, vermicelli, lotus root, and black fungus.  These toppings were spread out amongst the three trays of food.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish food

Four pots on the table!

We were also given the Garlic Scallops and Garlic Mussels to try.  I loved the Garlic Scallops!  They arrived with the scallop still on the half shell.  It was so savory and fragrant with the garlic on top of it!

Garlic Scallops and Garlic Mussels

Garlic Scallops and Garlic Mussels

Garlic Scallops

Garlic Scallops

The Garlic Mussels were also really good, plump, and fresh!

Garlic Mussels

Garlic Mussels

Garlic Mussels

So fresh

I had the Plum Juice to go with my meal.  It was the first time that I had Plum Juice from a bottle!  The bottle was adorable!  This Plum Juice helped to lower the “yeet hay” aspect of the meal and was mildly sweet.

Plum Juice

Plum Juice. $3.99

Thank you so much to Sichuan Kungfu Fish for hosting our delicious and plentiful meal.  I highly recommend this restaurant if you like hot pot items, fish, or seafood in general — especially if you like spicy too although as you can see, you can always choose the non-spicy options too!  They thoughtfully cater their items for super spicy eaters and non-spicy eaters too.  Their lunch deals are especially a steal of a deal!  If you want more deals, visit their Instagram page for further discounts and promotions.

Sichuan Kungfu Fish hot trays

All done! Our remaining soups at the end of the night

FTC Disclaimer:  Although Sichuan Kungfu Fish reached out and invited me to a complimentary tasting to review and promote their restaurant, the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the restaurant.


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