The Guksu and Noodle – Korean Noodle Restaurant [Defunct]

Guksu and Noodle food

The Guksu and Noodle located at 7771 Yonge St in Thornhill

Mar. 24, 2018:  This is another restaurant that I knew about through Instagram.  It’s called The Guksu and Noodle and serves Korean hot and cold noodles and rice dishes.

We arrived at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday and it was moderately full of customers.  There were a lot more Cantonese guests here than I anticipated.

Guksu and Noodle storefront

Its unassuming front on Yonge Street actually is quite big inside!

I knew I wanted something hot and soupy as it was cold outside.  We both happened to order the Janchi Guksu, a bowl of thin wheat noodle in light anchovy broth topped with various vegetables and thin sliced egg.

Guksu and Noodle menu and prices


Guksu and Noodle menu and prices

Main menu

Guksu and Noodle interior

They have lots of seating — this was a lower level section

But first, we received a small bowl of Korean congee to start.  It was so comforting on a cold day!  The kimchi was also complimentary.  It was so much spicier than I could tolerate.

 Korean congee appetizer

Congee to open up the palate


Complimentary kimchi

The Chicken Salad was presented on a platter and arranged so beautifully.  It had marinated thin sliced chicken breast atop of fresh seasonal vegetables.  I really liked the tangy vinaigrette in this salad.

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad. $12
-marinated thin sliced chicken breast on top of fresh seasonal vegetables

The two bowls of Janchi Guksu noodles arrived so quickly!  I liked the clear light anchovy broth and the thin wheat noodles!  It was definitely comfort food, devoid of any excess fat, and thus healthy for you.

Janchi Guksu

Janchi Guksu. $9
-thin wheat noodle in light anchovy broth topped with various vegetables and thin sliced egg

Janchi Guksu

I really liked these thin wheat noodles

I would love to return to try their other noodle soups and side dishes!

Guksu and Noodle dinner

Our spread of food

The Guksu and Noodle Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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