Revisiting Platform Espresso Bar for Food and Drinks

Platform Espresso Bar Unionville

Platform Espresso Bar located at 4450 Hwy 7 in Unionville

August 5, 2018:  I came back to revisit Platform Espresso Bar after initially visiting last year when they were still in their soft opening.  The cafe is as cute as ever and they have updated their menu to include a lot more varieties of food and desserts!  

These are their menus as of August 2018:

Platform Espresso Bar drinks menu and prices

Drinks menu

Platform Espresso Bar food menu and prices

Day time (8 a.m.-3 p.m.) menu

Platform Espresso Bar food menu and prices

Sunset (3-5 p.m.) menu

Platform Espresso Bar food menu and prices

Night (8 p.m.-11 p.m.) menu

I like how the owner changes up the menu to reflect and highlight different seasonal items (like how the coffee was a light citrusy one to match the hot summer season).  Since my last visit, Platform Espresso bar has grown a lot in terms of its following and has garnered many devoted fans.

It was Natalie’s first time here and we got to try a few more items to round out my experience here at this train-themed cafe.

 Cold Brew

Cold Brew. $5.50

Piggy Sandwich

Piggy Sandwich. $9
-torched pork jowl, ham, lettuce, tomato, red onion

The Piggy Sandwich caught my eye.  It contained torched pork jowl, ham, lettuce, tomato, and red onion between two big pieces of fluffy bread.  When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with how large the portion was!  You could easily eat one half for breakfast and the other half for lunch.  I liked how soft yet firm the bread was — it was perfect for this type of meat sandwich.

Piggy Sandwich

Good large portion

Piggy Sandwich

You can see the pork jowl peeking out a bit

Grilled Trio Sandwich

Grilled Trio Sandwich. $6.50
-cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan grilled cheese

Natalie ordered the Grilled Trio Sandwich which was essentially a grilled cheese sandwich!  It had a trio of cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan grilled cheese.  Although I only sampled a bite, this was easily one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.  The presentation was adorable with the grilled cheese sammie cut in half and the orange and yellow gooey cheese oozing out of the lightly grill-marked bread.  It was so well executed!

Natalie also wanted to try their passion fruit yuzu chocolate ganache (which usually is served with their Belgian waffles), so a small order was brought to her with the grilled cheese.  She greatly enjoyed it.  The chocolate ganache did have a defined yuzu taste.

Taster Board: Crème Brûlée

Taster Board: Crème Brûlée. $9
-3 mini crème brûlées

The owner served up a complimentary Taster Board of the Crème Brûlée for us as well to try which was much appreciated (it’s nice when you know the owner of the cafe 😀 ).  The flavours of the crème brûlée were original/vanilla, matcha, and jasmine.  Each of the flavours of the crème brûlée were true to their taste.

I really liked how it was moderately sweet and the glazed icing was perfectly done.  This was perfect to share between us and even after a few bites, we started to feel full too!

 Original, matcha, and jasmine flavoured crème brûlées

Original, matcha, and jasmine flavoured crème brûlées

It was really nice to revisit Platform Espresso Bar again.  This little cafe nestled in the heart of Unionville and Markham really is such a great idea.  There aren’t enough of these little cafes around serving small bites, drinks, and desserts.

Platform Espresso Bar interior

It’s like you’re dining on a train platform!

Platform Espresso Bar storefront

It’s tucked inside a small plaza on Highway 7 so keep your eyes peeled for it when you are driving by

(Disclaimer:  Although I personally know the owner of this cafe and a complimentary item was provided to us to try, all of the opinions in this blog post are my own.)

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