Stouffville Country Ribfest 2018

Stouffville Country Ribfest

Stouffville Country Ribfest located at Memorial Park in Stoufville

August 12, 2018:  This was the 6th annual Stouffville Country Ribfest.  It took place during the weekend of August 10 to 12 at the Stouffville Memorial Park in Stouffville.  I actually won a pair of “free” admission tickets (care of Yelp GTA) to the ribfest but this ribfest is actually admission by donation and kids are free so there actually wasn’t a mandatory fee associated with the ribfest.

 Stouffville County Ribfest logo

Super cute ribfest logo

We arrived on the Sunday at 11:40 a.m. and parked at the nearby Community Centre parking lot (there was a lot of parking available) before walking over to the field where the ribbers, food stalls, other local shops, and kids’ zone were.

 Stouffville County Ribfest Memorial Park

The Memorial Park taken over by the ribfest

 Stouffville County Ribfest pamphlet


 Stouffville County Ribfest pamphlet

All of the ribbers and vendors

 Stouffville County Ribfest pamphlet

Map and upcoming events in Stouffville

 Stouffville County Ribfest ribbers

Four ribbers at the ribfest

There were four ribbers:  Texas Rangers, Uncle Sam’s BBQ, Sticky Fingers, and Miss Piggy’s BBQ.  Ken decided to go with the one with the longest line-up (which usually should be a good sign) which was Sticky Fingers.

It was still early in the day and thus didn’t have to wait too long in the line.  We ordered the “Stickys” ribs and chicken combo along with two pieces of cornbread.

 Sticky Fingers ribber

Sticky Fingers ribber

 Sticky Fingers ribber

I like the decor they had

 Sticky Fingers ribber

Juicy-looking ribs

 Sticky Fingers menu and prices

Sticky Fingers menu

Considering that it was still early in the day for lunch, the tented picnic area was surprisingly full already, or at least all the shady spots were taken up.  It was best to enjoy the ribs under the shade since it was a really sunny day.  There was a stage with some musicians too.

 Stouffville ribfest seating area

Stage and picnic table seating

 Stickys combo.

Stickys combo. $18
-ribs, chicken, cornbread ($2 each)

The “Sticky Fingers” ribber definitely lived up to its name as the sauce was indeed very sticky.  The ribs were pretty good and the chicken meat was nice and firm too.  I liked how the chicken wasn’t overburnt (which tends to happen).  I also greatly enjoyed the cornbread!

We had some craft beers from the Market Brewing Co. to enjoy with the ribs too.  The Bear Hug IPA was just as great as last time when I had it at another ribfest.   The Beswick Lager was more strong in taste.

Bear Hug IPA, Beswick Lager

Market Brewing Co. beers. $5 each
-Bear Hug IPA, Beswick Lager

 Stouffville ribs and beers

Summertime lunch

 Stouffville ribfest beer vendors

Craft beer vendors

 Stouffville ribfest beer tickets

Beer tickets for $5 each

 Market Brewing Co. beer vendor

Market Brewing Co. beer vendor

It was really nice to check out this ribfest in Stouffville.

 Stouffville Ribfest grounds

Everyone congregated and stayed under the tents

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