RossoVino da Maurizio in Rome, Italy

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe

RossoVino da Maurizio located at Via Edoardo Jenner, 140, 00151 Roma RM in Italy

September 3, 2018:  Our Airbnb host gave us a wonderful selection of restaurant recommendations that was in the area.  One of the recommendations was RossoVino de Maurizio.

We were hungry and arrived as one of the first customers at the restaurant.  They had a patio and we took advantage of it which turned out to be the best idea.  It was the perfect summer evening to do so.  There was no wind, no humidity, and no bright sunlight.

RossoVino da Maurizio storefront


RossoVino da Maurizio patio

Patio view from our table

RossoVino da Maurizio menu cover

Cutest unassuming compact menu with so many pages of dishes!

RossoVino da Maurizio menu and prices

Antipasti menu

RossoVino da Maurizio menu and prices

First courses menu

RossoVino da Maurizio menu and prices

Second courses menu

RossoVino da Maurizio menu and prices

Red wines

RossoVino da Maurizio menu and prices

White wines

 Rosso della cassa (1/2 L)

Rosso della cassa (1/2 L). €5

RossoVino de Maurizio is a wine bar and as such, I ordered the second cheapest wine item which turned out to be 0.5 litres of red wine!  The Rosso della cassa was of course not something of the higher grade quality (it didn’t even smell good after swirling), but it went down so easily like water and still had enough alcohol content to make me tipsy.  It was great because we had bottomless glasses all night long.  Sometimes quantity over quality is a good thing. XD

Rosso della cassa

Half an litre of red wine was amazing

We had bread (great soft bread with bread sticks), antipasto della casa (house starters), tonnarelli cacio e pepe (long pasta with cheese and pasta), and Scaloppine Capricciose (escalopes with peas, mushroom, and ham).

 Bread and bread sticks

Bread and bread sticks. (I think this was like €1)

antipasto della casa

Antipasto della casa. €8,50
-house starters

Wow, the Antipasto della casa (house starter) was amazing!!!  It was a platter with at least six different items!  There were 2 types of suppli (one with rice and another with potatoes), fried olives stuffed with meat, fried olives, artichoke mash on crunchy toast, a cheese and veggie fried roll, and a flatbread with tomatoes, arugula, and cheese.  It was the best and every item was delish in its own way.  The olive oil and freshness of the tomatoes was so prevalent and refreshing in the flatbread.

antipasto della casa

The ingredients were so fresh!

Suppli stuffed with potatoes

Suppli stuffed with potatoes!

fried olive stuffed with meat

Suppli: fried olive stuffed with meat!

The Scaloppine Capricciose had impossibly tender and thin pork.  It was quite good.  I think it would have been even better if shared with a rice or bread since it was accompanied with so much sauce.  (Actually, bread can suffice to mop up all the sauce!) 😀

Scaloppine Capricciose

Scaloppine Capricciose. €15
-escalopes with peas, mushroom, ham


Close-up of the tender escalopes (boneless meat)

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe. €8,50

The Tonnarelli cacio e pepe was a classic pasta dish made only with pasta, pepper, and cheese.  I had to try it (my first time) and I was amazed.  The long pasta were al dente but not to the point that it was dry and hard.  It was moist and firm!  I really liked it.  The heat of the pepper gave a good kick to the pasta.


Tonnarelli cacio e pepe

Pasta lift!

What a wonderful first dinner on our trip in Rome, Italy!

RossoVino da Maurizio patio dinner

A wonderful assortment of dishes plus red wine!

RossoVino da Maurizio patio

The patio was packed by the time we left

(Looking back, this was one of my favourite meals in Italy.  We had amazing and varied starters, a delicious first impression of Italy’s pasta, plentiful and my ideal kind of red wine, patio seating, and a really good night overall. ^_^  It was the thrill of being in Italy and having a relaxing flawless dinner.

The service was really kind and friendly too.  The male server was very attentive to our needs and I appreciated that he gave us water glasses without asking when he noticed that we had brought a giant water bottle with us [and didn’t charge us for water too].  The washroom was inside of the restaurant and located in their basement, which the staff kindly guided me to.)

Rossovino da Maurizio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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