Trattoria Da Sora Gina in Rome, Italy

Trattoria Da Sora Gina storefront

Trattoria Da Sora Gina located at Via Domenico Millelire, 20, 00136 Roma RM in Italy

September 4, 2018:  For dinner on our second day in Rome, we ate at Trattoria Da Sora Gina in Rome, Italy.

This was a traditional Roman kitchen that was recommended by our BnB host.  It was a nice looking restaurant from the outside and once again we chose the outdoor seating to enjoy our dinner in.

At first, the restaurant staff seemed a bit snuck-upy but after the food came, this was certainly changed.  The prices here were a tad higher than RossoVino‘s but the place was definitely more posh as well.  For one, we had a tablecloth on our table and second, our outdoor tables were lit up with bright lights.  So even though it was dark already at 8 p.m., we enjoyed a brightly lit dinner outside.

Trattoria Da Sora Gina patio views

View from my seat on the patio

The bottle of water was €2 for the table and the bread was actually free of charge!  It was a cloth basket of soft sourdough bread which I really enjoyed.  (Is it just me or does Italian table bread really does taste better than the ones at restaurants in Toronto? )

Trattoria Da Sora Gina patio views

Aqua. €2

Bread basket

Bread basket

We ordered the Spaghettoni alla Carbonara, Petto di vitella alla Fornara con patate arrosto, and Verdure grigliate.  Their wine list wasn’t presented with the menu and while I wasn’t in the mood for wine anyway, we didn’t order any.

Trattoria Da Sora Gina menu cover

Menu cover

Trattoria Da Sora Gina menu and prices

Antipasti and first courses menu

Trattoria Da Sora Gina menu and prices

Second courses and side dishes menu

Trattoria Da Sora Gina menu and prices

Dessert and drinks menu

Spaghettoni alla Carbonara

Spaghettoni alla Carbonara. €10
-spaghettoni with pillow eggs and pecorino cheese

The Spaghettoni alla Carbonara was spaghettoni with pillow eggs and pecorino cheese. This was amazing!!  (I also love the portion sizes here in Italy as it’s not too much but enough to enjoy it thoroughly).  The carbonara was so smooth and smelled great.

The spaghettoni was al dente and while I don’t like al dente pasta usually, the ones here in Italy are really fantastic!  I enjoyed the black pepper that kicked up the flavour of the pasta just a notch without adding heat to it.  There were bits of smoked bacon too which really added a touch of salt and fattiness to the dish.  I loved this carbonara! 😀

Spaghettoni alla Carbonara

Look at that beautiful bright yellow colour!

Petto di vitella alla Fornara con patate arrosto

Petto di vitella alla Fornara con patate arrosto. €13
-sliced roasted veal with potatoes

The Petto di vitella alla Fornara con patate arrosto was sliced roasted veal with potatoes and this was a great dish as well.  The roasted veal was perfectly done with the right amount of fattiness and seasoning.

The best part were the potatoes.  These were the most moist, savory, soft yet chewy potatoes I’ve ever had!!  How come nobody else has been able to replicate these potatoes in the same way?!

veal with potatoes and spaghetti

Our first two dishes on the table

The Verdure grigliate were mixed vegetables.  This consisted of a small plate of roasted cucumbers and roasted zucchini.  I expected a bit more for the mixed vegetables platter but it was still a tasty dish.

Verdure grigliate

Verdure grigliate. €5
-mixed vegetables

I had the right amount of food for dinner otherwise their panna cotta (and tiramisu — that’s still yet to be tried) looked so appealing!

patio dinner at Sora Gina

Our patio dinner at Sora Gina

(While waiting for my tablemate to come back from the restroom, I looked up reviews online and read that some previous customers had their credit card accidentally charged twice.  Thus, when we paid our meal, we made sure to pay in cash for precaution’s sake and just in case this was a repeat habit of the restaurant.)

Sora Gina receipt

The damage

Sora Gina business card

Business card

(td;dr: Really authentic Italian dinner :D)

Da Sora Gina Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Raj Krishna says:

    Now, I need to eat something. Informative post by the way.. thanks for sharing..

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    Wow, credit cards charged twice? So scammy!!

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