Habitu cafe in Olympian City II

I absolutely loved this cute boutique cafe and the food there!  Habitu is located inside of Olympian City II in Kowloon, Hong Kong, a huge shopping mall with lots of restaurants to choose from.  Habitu serves handcrafted coffee and wellness drinks and hearty gourmet fusion Western food.  (Address is Shop G68-69, G/F, 18 Hoi Ting Road, Olympic City II, Mong Kok, Kowloon.)

I was half afraid that the cafe would have a line-up when we arrived but luckily we got a seat right away.  We arrived in time for the 3 to 6 p.m. tea time special (signature dishes with a reduced drink price).

We ordered the “best in town” spaghetti Carbonara which had smoky bacon, pancetta, fresh parsley, egg yolk, and aged Parmesan.  This was delicious!  I loved the creamy spaghetti that wasn’t heavy.  The portion was a bit small though.

The Roasted PIRI PIRI Chick Wings arrived in a paper-lined bucket.  It had sesame, bbq sriracha, and lime juice.  There were exactly 3 whole wings (3 wings and 3 drumsticks) inside the bucket.  The chicken wings were incredibly meaty and the piri piri sauce was not overwhelming.

With these two dishes, we had two wellness drinks.  The Beetroot Soy Latte was delicious.  It arrived in the cutest tiny thermal glass cup that allowed you to see into it.   This latte is said to be a good source of immune booster.  It was warm and so comforting to drink.  The latte art had a heart!

The 100% naturally prepared Apple Vinegar drink had lemon, rosemary, and apple vinegar in it.  It was a chilled refreshing drink that helped to open the appetite.

Since the dishes weren’t very big and I was feeling gluttonous (and we had 5 minutes before the tea time expired), we tripled up on our order and ordered a dessert also from the tea time menu, which meant we got another drink too.  This time, I chose the Tumeric Soy Latte, advertised as a natural remedy for flu.  This hot beverage arrived in the same cute thermal cup as the other latte.  The latte art in this was a pretty flower.  I didn’t like this drink as much as the beetroot latte.  The overwhelming turmeric was dense and a bit strong for my taste.

For the dessert, I had taken a look at their outside dessert display case.  I chose the Yuzu Cheese Bar — so unique!  It was made with Japanese Yuzu drop, mascarpone cheese, white chocolate, and airy sponge.  It wasn’t very cheese per se but the light sour yuzu taste was there.  The cake was incredibly airy and soft for sure.

I really liked this boutique cafe which served so many unique drink options.  Too bad I don’t drink coffee otherwise their roasted coffee selection looked amazing.  It’s the perfect place to chitchat with a girlfriend or have a small snack in the midday.  Their prices aren’t the cheapest though and their portions are on the small size.  Presentation was emphasized here and done well.

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