Facial Sheet Mask Review: Dr. Jart Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution

This sheet mask is from Dr. Jart+.  It’s the Vital Hydra Solution mask which folks on deep hydration “that moisturizes and visibly revitalizes the skin with Aquaxyl and Super Vital Complex”.

I got this Dr. Jart+ mask from the Hong Kong airport just before boarding (since I had room in my carry-on luggage and I know sheet masks will be so much more expensive when I buy them back home).  It cost 87 HKD for a box of 5 sheet masks (original price of one box is 108 HKD).  I’m pretty sure that the prices are cheaper back in actual Hong Kong stores, but oh, well, they’re still cheaper than North America regardless.

The box was a nice simple one with a blue pill showing “deep hydration sheet” on the front.

When I tried the sheet mask back at home, I liked that the pouch was made of a papery material, just like the Papa Recipe Ginseng Red Honey one.  I like whenever companies use paper instead of plastic for these one-time disposable packages.  Each sheet mask held 25 g of essence in it.  The target ingredients included hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, algae extract, and laminaria japonica extract, among other things.  The instructions called for 15 to 20 minutes.

When I opened up the pouch, there was a film attached to the sheet mask itself.  While I read online reviews that these films actually help you to attach the sheet onto your face, I find them more of a nuisance.  A sheet mask is ultimately not that difficult to unfold and put onto your face so these films are just extra waste that you end up throwing away.  It’s quite wasteful. Also, this time, I noticed that there was a lot of serum on the film itself which means you also need to wipe the film clear of the serum in order to take advantage of it all.

The sheet mask adhered well to my face and there was enough sheet to cover my entire face snugly.  I liked how the sheet felt so cooling and comfortable while on my face. There was so much extra serum as well to smear all over my neck, arms, and legs.  There was a little bit of fragrance too that smelled really “clean” and flowery.  It was nice.

Since this box of sheet masks from Dr. Jart+ ultimately contains 5 per box, it’s actually pricier than the other masks that I’ve tried.  However, the quality of the mask was indeed really good. I would definitely buy this again (when it is further on sale).

I removed the mask from my face after about an hour.  It gave my skin such a radiance and glow!  When I patted in my moisturizer, my skin was still thoroughly hydrated and moist.  I do like this brand.

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