Golden Horse Restaurant, a Hong Kong Style Cafe

I’m not sure why there are so many Chinese restaurants that like to start off their restaurant name with “golden”, but it’s kind of amusing when you think that they probably want their business associated with the word “gold”.  Also, it’s interesting that the name of this restaurant in Chinese translates to “Restaurant of Macau”.  Anyway, Golden Horse Restaurant is a casual cha chan tang restaurant that serves breakfast, afternoon tea, lunch, or dinner sets.  Everything that you order is usually accompanied by a tea or coffee, and if it’s a lunch or dinner combo, you also get a soup of the day.  I’ve been to this restaurant several times now and have always liked the fast service and decent food.  It’s cheap and affordable and there are always a lot of people occupying the tables and booths.  Most recently, I visited on a Sunday afternoon and there were so many people that you had to wait in line and have your number called.  Thankfully, we only waited for less than 5 minutes — they have so many tables so the turnover is usually high.  This restaurant also has free wifi which is always, always — and I stress always — a bonus! 🙂

The first time I was at this restaurant, I tried their French Fries Baked with Meat Sauce and Cheese.  It was pretty good!  I think my only complaint was that I wished it was more cheesy throughout.

French Fries Baked with Meat Sauce and Cheese

French Fries Baked with Meat Sauce and Cheese. $4.75

I was very impressed with the Herb Grilled Rack of Lamb since they tasted exceptionally delicious!!  It was perfectly seasoned with herbs and grilled.  This is one of my favourite dishes from the restaurant since I have such a lasting memory of it.  It’s hard to find a restaurant that grills rack of lamb well.

Herb Grilled Rack of Lamb

Herb Grilled Rack of Lamb. $22.99
The combo comes with soup of the day, bread, fried rice, hot coffee or tea, and dessert

Their Minced Pork in Soup Guilin Style is one of their most popular noodle soups.  It is filled with lots of noodle, green onion, and pieces of tomato.   The soup base is quite good.  However, I have a friend who said she really disliked the soup base, so it really depends on one’s taste buds.

Minced Pork in Soup Guilin Style

Minced Pork in Soup in Guilin Style. $5.25

I’ve ordered their Crispy Pork Cutlet on a Bun before and it’s such a great, light, and yummy snack. For only $4.50 plus a drink, it’s a great deal.  The pork cutlet is fried to a crispy and the bun is kept hard and doesn’t get soggy.  I love how they have a piece of cheese in there that ties the whole sandwich together.

Crispy Pork Cutlet on a Bun

Crispy Pork Cutlet on Bun. $4.50

Ham & Shredded Chicken in Rose Sauce with Spaghetti

Yum! So much rose sauce throughout the spaghetti. So impressed!

Usually, I like to order a rice dish, but this time, I ordered the Ham & Shredded Chicken in Rose Sauce with Spaghetti.  I was very surprised to find that it tasted so delicious!  The spaghetti is not al dente, but it’s usually when you eat at a Chinese place since they like to cook the spaghetti longer to have it more soft.  The strips of ham were very soft and the dish was loaded with lots of green and red peppers, mushrooms, and chicken.  What I loved the most about the dish was the amount of rose sauce that was used in it.  I am a big fan of dishes that have a lot of sauce, and to know that even halfway through the spaghetti, there was still a lot of sauce covering each noodle made me very happy. 😀

Ham & Shredded Chicken in Rose Sauce with Spaghetti

Ham & Shredded Chicken in Rose Sauce with Rice or Spaghetti. $7.50

This is the soup of the day that I chose:  Chinese-style papaya soup.   The soup itself was probably loaded with some MSG, but the piece of papaya itself was very soft.

Chinese-style papaya soup

Chinese-style Papaya Soup

More reviews of food to come in the future when I visit this restaurant again!

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