Uno Mustachio — Messy but Delicious Italian Sandwiches!

Italian sandwiches from Uno Mustachio at St. Lawrance Market

Today, before venturing off to the Art Toronto Fair, my friend and I scoped out St. Lawrence Market.  It’s a beautiful indoor market on Front Street that many go to for the fresh food stalls and unique local shops and eateries.

We decided to eat from Uno Mustachio located in the lower level of the market since it had one of the longest line-ups during the busy lunch hour.  They feature Italian sandwiches — most famous for its veal and eggplant sandwiches, pasta, and salads.  You can choose between a Classic $6.95 (veal, chicken, eggplant, meatball, steak, sausage), Nonna’s $7.95 (your choice of the Classics with eggplant or parma), or Godfather’s $8.95 (your choice of the Classics with parma and eggplant).  You can pick whether you want your sandwich on fresh Italian Kaiser roll with their signature tomato sauce or add $.88 to have your sandwich on focaccia instead.  You can pick whether you want onions, sweet peppers mushrooms, or jalapeño peppers in the sandwich.

The line-up rounded around the bend; even though the cooks were working as fast as they could, there were still more people that lined up making the line look endless.

I ordered the “Godfather’s” which consisted of meatballs, cheese, and fried eggplant sandwiched between 2 slices of focaccia. I had a San Pellegrino in Aranciata (Orange) flavour as well.

The sandwich itself was huge! They cut it in half and when I picked up one side, I had to balance the portion with both hands since the insides were spilling out. In fact, two huge chunks of the meatballs did fall out since there was just so much in the sandwich. I was joking to Mandy that it was so big that I could have put everything out on a plate and used a fork and knife to consume it.

Godfather’s — meatball, cheese, fried eggplant with mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers on focaccia. $8.95

In spite of the messy eating, the sandwich was really good. The meatballs were very soft and the size of a golf ball. I liked the big slices of lighty fried eggplant that was embedded into it. I did find the focaccia to be more soft and soggy than I liked, but when I got to the second half of the sandwich, that half of it wasn’t soggy at all. In fact, it was perfectly toasted. I gather that the first half of the sandwich was probably more drenched in tomato sauce than its counterpart.

Although you can’t tell from the picture, the sandwich was literally the size of my face! Look at those huge meatballs; they’re bigger than my own eyeballs!

Mandy ordered the veal and fried eggplant duo and found it to be a little bland. She also loved the eggplant, however.

Nonna’s —  veal and fried eggplant sandwich on focaccia.  You can see the slices of fried eggplant clearly here.  $7.95

I’m glad that we tried this popular sandwich shop — it was very satisfying. The general taste of it reminded me of eating a really big slice of pizza except that this was exceptionally fulfilling and a little messy to eat. My suggestion to you if you want to try it: take extra napkins! You’ll need it. 🙂

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  1. HOT DAYUM this looks delicious!

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