Kicking Off Savour York Region Restaurant Week at Crave Restaurant!

Crave Restaurant at Sheraton Parkway Hotel

I found out through a fellow foodie friend that York Region offers three-course prix fixe meals in select restaurants for two weeks in fall!  To me, that screams “Fallicious”!   That’s my take on the popular Summerlicious and Winterlicious events that the city of Toronto has every summer and winter season. 😉  It’s one of the best times to get the chance to try out some restaurants that you normally wouldn’t have visited due to the specially priced deals.

There were already lots of people finishing their meal when we arrived at 6 p.m.

My mom and I picked a restaurant that was close by for dinner and which had an appealing menu.  Crave Restaurant at the Sheraton Parkway Hotel looked like a good fit!  The modern and casual restaurant is located past the hotel lobby, bar, and a Starbucks, and we were quickly seated by the polite host.

It look a little bit of time for the first course to arrive and while we were waiting, we gorged on some of the generous portion of bread!  There were three varieties of brown bread that went really well with the hummus and butter balls.  Yum!  We must have dipped and cleared out almost all of the hummus in the dish before we stopped ourselves.  The bread was really good….  or maybe we were kind of hungry.

Bread and hummus and butter to start

The first courses arrived and I was very impressed with both the presentation and the taste of the appetizers!  The jumbo shrimps in the Open Faced Ravioli were very crisp and juicy.  The oyster mushrooms were very soft and fresh.  I really enjoyed it!  This was my first time ordering an open faced ravioli and the portion was larger than I expected.   I’m sure someone could have ordered this as an entree if they wanted to.

Open faced ravioli, jumbo shrimps, oyster mushrooms, aged white cheddar, cream

The arugula salad was very crisp, refreshing, and a good start to a heavy meal.  I liked the goat cheese that was in it as well as the tangy dressing.  Yummy!

Baby arugula salad, candied pecans, mandarin orange and parmesan cheese, shaved fennel, apple cider and white balsamic vinaigrette

Beef medallions covered in cheese and wrapped in bacon

I absolutely loved the cambozola cheese that was put on top of the beef medallions.  They smelled SO good.  The taste reminded me of brie cheese and how soft and strong brie usually is.  I asked for the beef to be medium rare and they turned out a little more cooked than I wanted, but they were still very good for the most part.  I loved the crunchy French beans.  The sauce for the mashed potatoes was a little salty for my taste.

Bacon-wrapped beef tenderloin medallions with Dijon, cambozola cheese, French beans, roasted garlic mashed potato, madiera wine sauce

The Chicken Supreme was covered in a soft Portobello mushroom crust and surprisingly the chicken was quite soft.  I expected it to be hard and rough since it looked that way.  The asparagus were also very well-flavoured like the French beans were.  I liked the wild and red pilaf that accompanied this dish.  I loved the way the little rice grains popped in a chewy sort of way as you took a mouthful.  The natural jus reduction made the rice even more delicious.

Pan roasted chicken supreme with Portobello mushroom crust, wild and red rice pilaf, asparagus spears, natural jus reduction

We were already very full by the time our empty entree plates were cleared, but there is always room to be made for dessert.  And the dessert sure didn’t disappoint!

I first tried the chocolate brownie.  Oh, my gosh, I think this might have been the richest brownie I’ve had in a restaurant setting!  The chocolate on top of the rich brownie was so chocolatey and the brownie itself was to die for.  The poached pear smelled amazing.  I loved it and couldn’t get enough!


The crème brûlée was also pretty good.  I liked how there were dried blueberries on top of the hard caramel glaze.  Breaking the crunchy caramel is always a fun thing to do when eating crème brûlée.  When you got to the bottom of the dessert, there were also more dried blueberries.  It was quite the adventure in the dish.  Both desserts also had a tiny hill of fresh cream and berries.  Yum!

Dried Blueberry Crème Brûlée

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Crave Restaurant.  The portions were very generous, I was left feeling very full, the service was pretty good, and the atmosphere was very quiet and casual.  It was a little pricey considering it was $35 per person for the prix fixe meal, but when you compare what we ordered to the regular menu, we got a good deal.  Yay to Savour York Region Restaurant Week!  If you haven’t visited a restaurant that’s in their list yet, you have exactly one week to do so!  The event ends on November 3rd.


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