Dickens Restaurant in Scarborough

Inside of Dickens Restaurant in Scarborough. Some of the hanging lamps have little hearts in them. : )
Located at 8 Glen Watford Drive in Toronto

I happened to enter this small Chinese restaurant by chance.  I was looking for a close restaurant to have a late lunch at.  I actually had another restaurant in mind and was about to get into the car to drive across the street to go there.  However, on my way to the car, when I walked by this restaurant and happened to see that they had free wifi posted on their front entrance, I immediately dashed in — I needed to check some things on my e-mail and this was the perfect place to have lunch and have unlimited data usage! (Turns out that advertising “FREE WIFI” in front of your restaurant is one of the most effective ways to get customers into your eateries nowadays.  At least that’s 100% true if I’m the customer. :D)

We ordered 2 set lunches.  There were a lot of people there even though it was already 3 p.m.  The lunches were cheap and affordable, just like a typical Chinese cha chan tang.

Mixed Vegetable Soup

The soup that I added to my meal was an extra $1.50 and was a mixed vegetable soup that had a kick to it; a little spicy if you will.  It was quite good!  Culprit of the yumminess due to MSG perhaps?  *raises eyebrow*

My mom had the Pork Tenderous Ribs with Vermicelli in Soup that was under the Chef’s Specialties menu.  The vermicelli was very soft and smooth.  The pork tenderous ribs could have been more soft and tender as there was more actual meat than there should have been.

Pork Tenderous Ribs with Vermicelli in Soup. $5.95

I don’t often order pasta in Chinese restaurants because it’s not often made well, but I’d been feeling for a lot of carbs lately so I asked for my meal with pasta instead of rice.  You could also choose fries as the third option too.  I was very pleased to find out that the pork and chicken were extremely extremely tender and smooth!  It was so pleased with it that I ate it non-stop until I was almost done.  Haha, wow, I sound like a pig once again.  Anyway, I really enjoyed it and was very surprised at how soft the meat was.  It was like they pounded it like there was no tomorrow to get it to taste that smooth.  The pasta was good too with the ample sauce that they had.

Mixed Grill (Chicken & Pork). $8.95

The meal was staccato-ed with me perusing their free wifi Internet and ended with a lovely cup of hot lemon water.  It’s my favourite drink to order at a restaurant since it helps me digest any heavy meats I’ve had during the meal. 

Drinks to end the afternoon lunch

As I left the restaurant, I was amused to see another gentleman scrolling and immersed on his iPad.  He must be a regular of the restaurant to know that it has free wifi.  See, I’m telling you, free wifi is such a selling point of any restaurant!  I would definitely return to Dickens Restaurant for the free wifi.  And the affordable good food. : )

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