Golden Flower Cafe

This is yet another Hong Kong style cafe where you can choose from a list of noodles, rice, sandwiches as a set lunch or dinner with the soup of the day plus a tea or coffee.  The service is usually subpar and the food is decent but nothing extraordinary.  Golden Flower Cafe is just another one of those HK-style cafes where you can get a convenient and cheap meal.  

I went here with my mom on a gloomy weekend and found their food to be nothing less than exciting.  I didn’t find anything appealing that would make me return to the restaurant.  I also found their utensils and cups to be a little grimy… which could be felt when I touched the chopsticks and the tea cup.  Whenever I feel this griminess on something that I’m about to put my lips on, I know the hygiene is probably less than ideal.  Since the popular chain restaurant Congee Wong is right next door, I can easily step into that one for more menu options and eat in a cleaner and more comfortable environment.  This cafe is also quite small and dingy.  They seem to attract more of their regular customers than newbies.

Guillin Minced Meat Noodle in Soup

Fried Chicken Wings with Instant Noodle in Soup. $4.99

The minuscule fried chicken wings were a little dry as you can probably tell from the picture and the instant noodles were kind of flavourless.  They looked like something I could have made from home.  I didn’t try any of the noodles that my mom had, but she never complimented the bowl either so I’m quite sure this is a restaurant that is not worth returning to.  If you’re reading this and have been to this restaurant, let me know if you like it or not.

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2 Responses to Golden Flower Cafe

  1. Chucky Andy says:

    the food at this cafe is nothing special, but the worse is the owner, she is very very impolite to customer, i asked her something, she just keep yelling me and answered something i really don’t understand. I really have no idea why should I to be treated like this, I don’t think it’s not the only Cafe in Richmond Hill area.
    If you are looking for challenge, then go for it. but if you are looking for something like normal with base service, then don’t go to this cafe.

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