Wonton Noodles at Jim Chai Kee Noodle

Jim Chai Kee Noodle in Richmond Hill
Located at 270 West Beaver Creek Road in Richmond Hill

It’s simply a bowl of noodles with three toppings to choose from.  That’s what Jim Chai Kee Noodle is all about.  This restaurant started way back in 1994 so it has a lot of history, loyal customers, a solid fan base, and lots of bowls of wonton noodles served over these 20 years! 🙂  

It started in Hong Kong where this restaurant started to serve wonton noodles by the bowl.  It was the third most popular spot to eat such noodles.  Here in Toronto, Jim Chai Kee is located in the Jubilee Square at Highway 7 and Leslie among many other restaurants like Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant.  It’s a simple eatery just for noodles.  You can pick from noodles in soup or “lo mein” (noodles on a plate with oyster sauce and soup on the side).  Then, you can either choose to have one, two, or three toppings!  The three toppings include shrimp wontons, beef, and fish balls.  You can also choose what type of noodle you want: egg noodle, rice noodle, or vermicelli.

Plate of steamed vegetables with oyster sauce. $2.50
Egg noodle with shrimp wontons & fish balls. $5
Rice noodle with beef & fish balls. $5

I am such a fan of egg noodles that I certainly chose this as my noodle of choice in soup — mmm, yummy comfort food!  — and two toppings: shrimp wontons and fish balls. They claim that they make every shrimp wonton with at least 4-5 shrimps.  No wonder it tasted so juicy and succulent!  The fish balls are also freshly made, so none of that frozen supermarket stuff.  They’re also real to the point that I had a few small fish bones in mine.  I liked how the egg noodles were very thin and very firm.

My mom ordered the rice noodles — she’s a big fan of those — with beef and fish balls.  The beef slices were yummy too, although sometimes there was a bit of chewiness in one or two slices.

Located at 270 West Beaver Creek
I liked how there were copies of articles about their restaurant posted all around the walls

I love how this restaurant oozes Hong Kong-style eating.  It’s quick, efficient, and cheap.  Each bowl is only $5.  Immediately when we walked in, one of the servers was waiting on us.  Once we ordered, the plate of vegetables and subsequent bowls of noodles literally came less than 30 seconds of ordering.  It was super fast.  Their kitchen is ready with everything and they waste no time in serving it to you.  I love that and how simple it is.  Even the way the place is decorated is so HK-like.  I really enjoyed the short meal that I had there. 🙂

I also loved the chili oil that they have.  Apparently it is homemade because they sell it by the jar for only $1!  That’s cheaper than what you can buy it at the supermarket for!  I loved how it was not too spicy yet definitely had a punch to it.  I added it to my fish balls and shrimp wontons for more flavour.

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6 Responses to Wonton Noodles at Jim Chai Kee Noodle

  1. Pauline says:

    I LOVE JCK! So simple but delicious!

    • stenoodie says:

      Agree! I love how the servers are SO quick with the orders lol.

      • Mike Gee says:

        This place is my fav wonton noodle place (and I’ve tried lots) in Toronto. I’ve managed once to order, eat and pay there in less than 15 minutes haha. The original one in HK is equally or slightly better.

      • stenoodie says:

        Haha, leaving in 15 minutes is not surprising! Their service is seriously good and so HK since it’s lightning quick. Ah, I don’t think I’ve tried the original one in HK.

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