Pyung Won House (Korean restaurant)

Located at 5588 Yonge St in Toronto

This is one of the many Korean restaurants located at the Yonge and Finch area (uptown Koreatown).  Pyung Won House is situated right below the popular Princess Café and across from the subway.  It is a modern Korean restaurant that is run by Koreans — at least the staff there are Korean.  As my friend Grace and I walked into the restaurant, we noticed that there were many BBQ grills on the table and that they also have a convenient bell service on every table for better servicing.  I love it when restaurants have those things. 🙂

Lettuce salad and banchan

The banchan dishes actually didn’t arrive until the main dishes did which we found a little odd.  However, we did start off with a little plate of crispy lettuce salad that was refreshing.  I ended up really enjoying the banchan.  The kimchi was perfectly spicy, the beansprouts were very fresh and crunchy, the seaweed was smooth but a little oily, the cucumbers were good, and the pancake-like strips were very flavourful.  Five stars for their banchan! 🙂

I loved and thoroughly enjoyed the “Chal Pan Bulgogi” that I ordered.  It was stir-fried marinated beef and vegetables on a sizzling plate and served with rice.  The dish itself looks just like a regular plate of stir-fried bulgogi like at any other Korean restaurant, but I was actually blown away by how delicious it was!  Grace was too — she said that it was the best beef that she’s ever had at a Korean restaurant.  Mmm. 🙂  There weren’t a lot of vegetables in the dish but the amount of beef was generous and perfect.  It was very well flavoured — a little sweet but not like sugar-sweet.  It went very well with the moist and chewy rice that was also cooked perfectly and arrived hot and steaming.  I liked how the sauce stuck to the beef slices so that it melted into the rice when you ate it together in one bite.  I really, really enjoyed this!

Chal Pan Bulgogi. $9.99
-Stir-fried marinated beef and vegetables on sizzling plate with rice

Grace ordered the chicken cutlet with rice and special sauce.  I tried it and the chicken was fried well; however, I didn’t think that it was out of this world.

Chicken cutlet served with rice and special sauce. $8.99

Apparently they are open for 24 hours!

I’m really glad that we tried this restaurant even though there are so many other Korean restaurants that we could have walked into (like Nak Won which is right beside it, for example).  Check this place out if you’re ever in the area.  They have an all-you-can-eat menu as well. 🙂

Pyung Won House on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Pyung Won House (Korean restaurant)

  1. Marife says:

    hey do you know when their business hours are? P.S. Awesome review!

    • stenoodie says:

      Hi! Thank you! 🙂

      I don’t know what exactly their business hours are, but this is their phone number if you want to call them and inquire: (416) 225-0904


  2. Nikki C says:

    hehe I love this place! I go there so often but I never remember what it’s called; we refer to it as “The Ahjumma Place” between our friends lol. They used to have THE BEST PORTION of ddukbokki but now it’s a lot less than what they used to serve lol…still yummy though! They’re also now a 24/7 joint too, if I’m not mistaken! (Other thing to try if you’re ever going by there again: deep fried Manduk = the sauce is yum!) I can’t really say they have great anything else bc their service kinda goes down the toilet whenever I order the table stir fry or table hot pot stuff -_-ll (very opposite of say, Korean Village lol)

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