Sandwich Box — Fast Lunches for Busy Folk

Sandwich Box located at 67 Richmond St W in Toronto

Sandwich Box is a simple eatery located on Richmond Street.  Located in the Financial District, busy suits are always searching for healthy yet delicious fast joints for a bite to eat before scurrying back to the office for more sit-down work.  (Haha, I am totally assuming that all suits sit in a cubicle all day, but that might not be the case at all!).  In any case, Sandwich Box definitely caters to those on the go with a variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients.

On a cold wintry day after a short day in court, I ventured here to try out their food.  They have a blackboard menu of items that are in the Express Line — you can order these during rush hour times I assume… like for breakfast.  When I arrived at around 1 p.m. for lunch, these options were unavailable so I opted for the main menu.

There was a steady flow of customers grabbing a quick lunch. This place seems to be quite popular!

I decided to get a sandwich box with a bowl of soup!  Their soup station is self-serve and on this day, they had two soups of the day:  Carrot & Ginger and Leek & Potato.  They change their daily soups every day and you can see what the choices of the day are ahead of time if you visit their website.

Standing in line for my made to order sandwich, I studied the large variety of freshly baked breads (including gluten-free bread) made from ACE Bakery.  I selected the olive boule (what an interesting bread!  I’ve never heard of it before and since I love olives, this was definitely a good choice).  I then chose three toppings to go on my sandwich.  For any three toppings, a sandwich is about $9~.  I chose hummus as the spread and my three toppings were smoked salmon (yum), avocado (also yum), and jalapeno harvarti cheese (mmm).  They toasted it and cut the sandwich in half before fitting it perfectly into the box which also had a space for the salad as well.  I was very excited to try it. 😀

My sandwich with hummus, smoked salmon, avocado, and jalapeno harvarti cheese on olive boule

My sandwich was toasted so that the edges were crunchy but the middle was still soft and warm.  I loved how much perfectly ripe avocado was put into it; the portion was so generous that there easily could have been half of an entire avocado in there!  The didn’t notice the mild spice of the harvarti cheese, but the smoked salmon blended together nicely with the avocado.  I also loved that the bread contained small pieces of actual olives baked into it.  The sandwich was great and very filling.

Daily soup changes every day! On this day, I chose the Carrot & Ginger soup, small size. $2.95

The Carrot & Ginger soup was fresh and piping hot.  By the time I finished my sandwich, the soup was the perfect temperature.  I sprinkled Parmesan and croutons on top.  I liked how it tasted homemade (apparently their soups are made daily from 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives).  Their vegetarian soups are gluten, nut, wheat, and dairy free.

The fresh garden salad was so large!  I almost couldn’t finish it.  The sandwich box totally deceived me because there was a LOT of greens squished into the left side of the box.  I think it was totally worth the $14~ considering how satisfied I was with the food.  Don’t let the paper box fool you into thinking this stuff is low-quality because it’s actually made out of great ingredients.  I love how the box is conveniently sized to fit into one’s hands for a quick run back to the office.  They also have a fair amount of tables if you want to dine in as well.  Check this place out if you’re ever in the area! 🙂

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