Summerlicious Restaurant 2014 #1: Vaticano Italian Restaurant

Located at 25 Bellair St in Toronto

For my first Summerlicious restaurant this season, I went to Vaticano Italian Restaurant with Steph.  She wanted to try an Italian cuisine in the heart of Yorkville (posh neighborhood in Toronto where a lot of celebrities dine and shop).  

We arrived for an early dinner at 5:30 while the restaurant was still relatively empty.

Bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

According to our server, we were their very first Summerlicious customers for the season.  Cool!  Both of us knew relatively quickly what we wanted to order.  Shortly after placing the order, we received bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  There was nothing extraordinary with the bread but I remember that the containers for the olive oil and balsamic vinegar had a little hole at the top that made it leak when you started pouring from them.  I also was amused with the real candle at our table.  I’ve been to so many restaurants lately that use those fake plastic flickering candles that seeing a candle with a real flame was a bit of a surprise.  We had to be careful since our table for two was very small and I almost reached over and ran my hand through the flame.

Flaming candle

Steph and I chose the Cozze (P.E.I. mussels) to start.  We each got a different sauce so that we would be able to try out the white wine and tomato sauces.  I love sharing food with friends! 😀

P.E.I. mussels in a tomato and white wine sauce

To our disappointment, the mussels were extremely tiny!  I took a picture specifically to show its size but I take really good pictures so it actually looks really big in the photo (shameless bragging!).  I liked the white wine sauce better than the tomato.  Steph commented that she liked the tomato one better and that the white wine one lacked a strong white wine flavour.

Fettuccine Pollo
Fettuccine pasta with diced chicken, wild mushrooms in Alfredo sauce

We didn’t have to wait too long for our mains to arrive.  I chose the Fettuccine pasta with diced chicken and wild mushrooms in Alfredo sauce.  I actually very rarely choose Fettuccine pasta since it’s heavy in carbs and prefer other stringier pastas but since we were at an “authentic” Italian restaurant, I wanted to try it to see how it would be.

I was really happy with it!  The Fettuccine pasta was thick and immersed with Alfredo sauce that was delicious!  The mushrooms were also soft and delicious.  The diced chicken was a little rough as I expected it would be.

Lasagna della Mamma
Special, veal lasagna according to Mamma’s own recipe

On the other hand, Steph was very displeased with the veal lasagna that she ordered.  I was shocked too when it arrived because it was so tiny!  It was a rectangle shape and when I tried a bite, I found that it was good but really salty.  Steph was highly displeased with the dish and commented that it tasted like it came from a microwave.  When our server came to our table to ask us how the food was and Steph relayed her opinion to him, he didn’t really apologize for the sake of the restaurant except to say that it wasn’t possible because their restaurant only makes their food fresh.  In any case, that wasn’t very satisfying and the server didn’t do anything else to make the rest of our stay any more pleasant.

Dessert was mediocre.  One was a mixed berry cheesecake and the other was an apple crumble with vanilla cream sauce.  I’m not a fan of apple crumbles unless they’re really, really good and this wasn’t the case.  The mixed berry cheesecake was decent.

Mixed Berry cheesecake

Apple crumble with vanilla cream sauce

The owner was standing right at the restaurant entrance to welcome people into his restaurant. I wonder how he would have responded if we told him about the bad service we got?

Needless to say, our evening at Vaticano wasn’t the best.  The server could have made our stay a little better if his attitude towards our displeasure wasn’t so cold and unaccommodating.  I found that it was interesting that the owner of the restaurant stood at the front to welcome guests and that his picture was part of the restaurant logo.

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4 Responses to Summerlicious Restaurant 2014 #1: Vaticano Italian Restaurant

  1. andy1076 says:

    I like wine sauce too for my pasta, it really complements to the flavor and goes so well with other ingredients. Now, the Veal lasagna? the presentation could of been so much better, it looks frozen and then placed in a bowl. Now, If it were on a flat plate and cleaned I think it would of been closer to perfect. :-\\

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